Still talking on the newly released blackberry 10.3.1 OS which was introduced to blackberry 10 phones, do you know you can actually use 2 Whatsapp application on your bb10 device without any extra trick?

Oh yes! I tried that out and I’ve decided to share with you.

Before now, you cannot use 2 Whatsapp application on a blackberry 10 phone but since the blackberry 10.3.1 OS was introduced and I upgraded the OS, I can use 2 Whatsapp App On my bb10 device.

Please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean using two blackberry apps (two blackberry whatsapp together), of course that won’t work hence, the trick involves using a blackberry whatsapp app and an android whatsapp app and it’s no longer news that you can easily download and install Android apps on blackberry 10 phones.

2 whatsapp app on blackberry 10 Phones

Look at the image above, am sure you can rightly see two whatsapp applications amongst the menus. They are both working and I use both because I use two basic Sims (Blackberry 10 Phone isn’t dual sim). Although I have other Android phones, I decided to test run using my blackberry 10 device.

As earlier stated, the trick involves you use a normal whatsapp app programmed for blackberry 10 Devices and a whatsapp app programmed for Android phones. If using a blackberry 10 phone, remember to allow installation of apps from unknown sources under settings.

Furthermore, I just activated the whatsapp call feature on both apps and will be helping my blog readers in activating theirs. Just look out for the post that entails activating whatsapp call feature on your Android and blackberry 10 phones.


  1. I have downloaded d gbwatsapp each time I try to open it it keeps telling me my phone time is incorrect. Please why is this.

  2. I downloaded the android whatsapp but whenever I open it, it keeps telling me to ensure I have a working network connection plss help

  3. I can make a backup…just that I didn’t have the BlackBerry link software earlieron my pc…now that I have it am good to go!!tanks a lot.

  4. I guess its due to d carrier den…d patient dog eats d fatest……lol….sori 2 pple dah wud still go nd buy d infinix hot note tinkin they wud be given 2015mb..if dy complain to mtn abi jumia….am tryinq to imagine wat thier response wud be…

    • Well, getting a phone goes beyond the free data that comes with it. The infinix hot note imei can easily be tweaked to that of a blackberry thereby allowing them to use glo bis flawlessly on the device.

    • So sorry about that pal. I didn’t get the memo on time due to my schedule. Funny enough, my device IMEI was also used by bad sharp guys and i didn’t get any free 2015MB either. Well, i wasn’t bothered because my glo bis still works for me.

  5. ha…I use mtn on it…nd its qualcomm…I dont tink my q5 iz on a long tin oo coz most of ma guys usin q5 nd z10 havent gotten d updates…they had 2 do it via kinda afraid 2 upd8 it via pc coz I hvnt back up ma fone..

    • Eeeeeya, but unfortunately for you and your friends (pardon my choice of words), I use a Q5 presently and the screenshot been used above on the post, was from my Q5 phone. Now, what does that tell you? I have updated my OS to 10.3.1 straight from settings > Software Updates. If you choose to use the blackberry link software, you can make a backup of your device from the software before commencing the update. Making a backup is as easy as 123. Trust ME!

  6. hi samuel….have not yet gotten os 10.3.1 on my q5 ooo….i went to settings-software updates…..i chcked for any upd8…buh it still dsame ooo…tellin me I have the latest software i.e 10.2.1…


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