Microsoft Lumia users and other devices rocking windows 8 mobile OS can now upgrade to windows 10 mobile OS. Thanks to Damola who shared the tip with us via email.

While surfing through emails received recently, i stumbled on Damola’s email which was actually sent a few days back (Precisely on the 1st) and i previously didn’t take note of it (Our sincere apologies Damola).

His Email message reads thus:

Bro, thumbs up to you for such wonderful job you have been doing, I was so surprised that you are yet to inform your readers with Microsoft phones operating on windows that they can now update their windows 8.1 phones to windows 10. I have done mine for up to two months now, and I so wished to have read it on your blog, but yet to. that’s why I am sending you this message.

To update, go to the windows app store and download UPGRADE ADVISOR, this app will check your phone and notify you if you can update it and the amount of space needed for you to do that. The update is about 1gb. But I promise you, you can’t compare this windows 10 to the former windows like 8.1 or others, its wonderful. I use a LUMIA 535. hope to see changes soonest.

Damola went further to share some screenshots of what the new windows 10 mobile OS looks like on his Lumia 535 smartphone. You can see some of the images below:

Windows 10 OS on Lumia 535 windows 10 mobile OS on Lumia 535 windows 10 mobile OS on Lumia 535 smartphone

As clearly stated by Damola, he uses a Lumia 535 phone and in other to update to the new windows 10 mobile OS, users of previous windows version would have to download Upgrade Advisor from the windows app store which would guide them through the upgrading process.

From all of us at TechsNG, we say Thank You Damola for the awesome tip.


  1. I am a living witness to this upgrading, so simple.. just require you downloading the upgrade advisor and get a fast wifi to perform the upgrade.. tested and working on lumia 535..

  2. Mr Ogini…… Why not lay hands on thr awesome tips given by Damola, and experience it for yourself, before concluding on just a research.

  3. o gi ni,
    i would rather suggest that you do a google research or probably wiki search a manual way of upgrading. Lie Lie ogini.

  4. What if i want to download d windows 10 manually.. because i check it with advisor it say is available but i dont ave wifi… I want manually. Please how you highlight me d step???

  5. ogini why not go to the windows app store to confirm with the app i suggested, UPGRADE ADVISOR its wont take too much of your data (<1MB), only that you will need a wifi to upgrade your phone to OS 10, download the app and see for yourself, i'm pretty sure you will come back to this page to see if you can delete your post, when you eventually find out that its true.
    thanks Sparkle.
    i currently run OS 10 on my lumia 535 dual sim. and i have shared the steps with various friend using windows phone.

  6. Mr/Mrs Ogini.
    are you waiting for your network provider to help you with the update, you should know that that they will take time to inform you about the update, i have done mine, just by following the steps given and i must say, the Techsng Guys are really doing well woth up to the time update, i downloaded te upgrade advisor, opebed the app, it checked my phone to see if i can upgrade, immediately the notification for the upgrade came, now i am on windows 10 live. Damola thabk you oooo.

    • So what OS do you actually think is running on those screenshots? More so, we had initially reported that some lumia devices were getting the OS update in Poland and that was in January.


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