This is not the first time we’d be hearing of the WhatsApp Revoke feature. We first heard about it a couple of months back. At the time, it was said the feature will be rolled out soonest. Till date, that hasn’t come to limelight.

WhatsApp has since then, rolled out a handful of new features like WhatsApp status but no official word on being able to revoke or edit sent messages on the messaging app.

WhatsApp revoke message feature and font shortcut

Being able to Revoke or edit sent messages on a mobile messaging app isn’t rocket science. BBM has the ability to take back a sent message as long as it hasn’t been read. BBM calls it Retract. The feature is also available on Telegram with a 48 hours validity period. So, it’d be really nice to have same feature on the most popular mobile messaging app, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Revoke Messages Feature Spotted

The famous twitter account for WhatsApp feature leaks, @WABetaInfo, has this time, spotted the revoke feature working on WhatsApp web. For the benefit of those who don’t know, WhatsApp web is actually a desktop / browser version of WhatsApp. The client allows you read and reply your WhatsApp messages from your computer. Of course, there has to be internet connection on both the phone and computer for the connection to work.


Via a tweet, @WABetaInfo claims the revoke feature will be available on the browser version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp web). The report also claimed that users will be able to edit/revoke messages within five minutes of sending them. The feature was said to have appeared on WhatsApp web for sometime and was later disabled.

Font Shortcuts Now Available On WhatsApp Beta For Android

Furthermore, @WABetaInfo claims that new font shortcuts have appeared on WhatsApp beta for Android. WhatsApp for Android version 2.17.148 is reportedly carrying new font shortcuts for bold, italics, and strikethrong.


The ability to bold, italics, and strikethrough texts on WhatsApp was introduced last year. Having to bold text requires adding asterisks to the beginning and the end of the text. Underscores is required for italics. Now, with the addition of shortcuts, it should aid those who ain’t comfortable with the long processes.

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Additionally, According to @WABetaInfo, simply highlighting the text and choosing a preferred format from the shortcut automatically formats the text based on your chosen font. This of course, will turn out as a sweet addition.

For now, no word on when these updates will become officially available for most users. However, we have to remain optimistic that being able to revoke messages on WhatsApp as well as font shortcuts will surface soon.


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