Am sure by now you should know what the whatsapp messenger is all about, well if you still dont know what the whatsapp messenger is then i strongly recommend you read what is whatsapp messenger.

And do you know that whatsapp can also be used on nokia s40 phone? Read Whatsapp on Nokia s40 phone, ping now on nokia java s40.

Now to the main issue.

Whatsapp On BlackBerry

Are you using a blackberry phone and wondering where you can download the whatsapp messenger for your blackberry device? Then read further because this article is gonna give you the direct link to getting your whatsapp messenger.

Now, you might ask yourself, Whats the differences between Whatsapp Messenger and BBM which is BlackBerry Messenger?

Well, there are differences with the two.

1. The whatsapp messenger only requires the recipients phone number while the the blackberry messenger requires the bb pin of the recipient.

2. With the Whatsapp installed on your phone, you can ping and chat with anybody using the whatsapp messenger application not necessarilly a blackberry user but with the blackberry messenger, you only ping and chat with blackberry users using bb pin.

Now you can see clearly the differences right?

Now to the next question.

Where can i download Whatsapp On My Blackberry

If you want to download whatsapp for your blackberry phone its quite simply. All that is required of you is to visit the whatsapp for blackberry download page here using your blackberry device and your device will be automatically detected then click on download!
And enjoy pinging!

Hope this helps?


  1. Hello Niyi. I appreciate ur exploration in t world of mobile devices. Keep it up. I just want to ask a question, i’m presently using a Q10 BlackBerry. I want to know if flash share can work on my Q10, and if yes, how can I download it. I will appreciated a feedback. Thanx

    • Emeka, first, I’d say thanks. Flash share can be installed on the Q10 device but doesn’t really work. Instead, you should download xender and work with that.


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