No! Your WhatsApp Messages Will Not Show Up On Facebook

Facebook’s owned entity, WhatsApp, recently made some adjustments to it’s privacy terms. The adjustment actually entailed sharing your account information with the parent company.

Of course, quite a number of people were not too comfortable with this but then, the option to opt out was pretty easy and straight. We did talked about it though.

However, an hoax which tend to be making waves, is sending the most wrong information. And I’ve been asked to address this issue by a few persons.

Share whatsapp data with facebook

If you are on WhatApp, someone (your friend or anyone else) may have sent you a voice recording saying WhatsApp’s new privacy term involves your ‘private WhatsApp messages‘ showing up on Facebook. The person behind the voice also gave instructions on how to deactivate this and guess what, the person also gave an hint on his forth-coming album. *signs…

It’s okay to have received such message but what’s probably not okay, is the fact that people tend to believe this story.

Now, here’s a question I need you to answer within yourself.

  • If this is true, what do you think would become of Facebook or WhatsApp? Really, ask yourself that!

One of the major drive of any social network is privacy. And Facebook is no exception. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook, recently got equipped with end-to-end encryption.

Now, what end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp actually means is, the mobile messaging app is now more secured than ever. No one can gain access into your messages, not even WhatsApp, an hacker or third party.

However, the only way anyone can get access to your messages is via WhatsApp web. That of course, is if they had your phone for just a few seconds because WhatsApp web requires a connection between your phone and the computer.

Point is, although I am in support of deactivating the sharing option, there is nothing like your private WhatsApp messages showing up on Facebook.

The person who ignited such information, in my opinion, is only trying to create awareness for his forth-coming album and Nigerians are helping in sharing the wrong information.

I also stumbled on this same information on Facebook, and from the number of shares, people are buying it.

Like I started earlier, I am actually in support of deactivating the sharing thingy. Especially if you wouldn’t want Facebook sharing your WhatsApp account information (which in this case, could only be your phone number) in other to improve it’s ads. But believing if you don’t, your WhatsApp private messages will appear on facebook is in my opinion, quite illogical.

Please guys, try not to believe such information. At least, not when it isn’t confirmed. As always, i aim to keep you equipped with vital and true information relating to tech. Thank YOU.

Samuel Adeniyi

A lover of Gadget with more enthusiasm for phones. I enjoy writing on pretty much anything that interests me, as long as it's beneficial to someone or a number of persons. I hope you stick with me on this journey of being productive :).

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