At this junction, I want to believe that you are aware of the free 3Gb data from mtn which has been in circulation for some days now. Not only should you be aware, I hope you already have enough GBs stored because today is Friday and you know what that means. Now don’t go thinking am relating to party o, I am talking of a downloading night. I am sure a lot of people are fully waiting for the mtn night plan period to fully commence like car engine undergoing some warming so they could kick-start their browsing and downloading experience. Lets just hope MTN don’t fall our hand o because I am pretty sure a lot of people must have packaged enough Gbs. I presently have 8.99GB. That’s enough to download like 20 movies from fzmovies and other movie downloading sites. I know of some people who have about 23.99GB. I wonder how they intend spending that. PHCN is another factor to consider in our country Nigeria. Hence if you have ‘I better pass my neighbor‘,  you probably should arrange enough fuel for charging sake. Don’t worry about the noise from the gen, am sure your neighbors will understand lol. If you have a fully charged power-bank like me, then you are really ready.

use mtn free 3gb anytime in the week

Now lets talk on the main purpose of today’s post. Not everyone is convenient with having to wait for the weekend before they can browse or download and not everyone is convenient with having to stay awake at night all in the name of exhausting GBs of data. If you fall into this category of persons, then this post is for you.

Use MTN free 3GB Weekend Plan During Weekdays

For those who partook in the free mtn 3gb data, am sure you are aware that its a weekend plan. If you try browsing during weekdays, your money will be deducted. However, this post will guild in browsing and downloading anytime of the day in a week.


==> Download simplesimple from here
==> Configure your android phone internet settings with the default mtn internet settings but edit only the proxy server ip and port.
==> Proxy ip should be
==> Port will remain 8080. Save and go back to launch your simple server.

Configure your simple server app as follows:

==> Proxy Host:
==> Port: 8080
==> Injection Method: GET
==> Injection Query/Url:
==> Injection Host:
==> Injection Line: Press the enter key of your keypad 4 times
==> Log level: Debug
Go back and tap on start. Wait for a while till the Kbs start reading and then, go surfing and flexing.

There you have it. Enjoy your gigs and save your money in respect to purchasing data plans till this is blocked. Happy weekend people.



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