Update On How To Use MTN BIS On Android and PC – March, April 2015

Couple of days back, I disclosed how to use mtn bis on Android phones and PC here using simple server. Few days after, the procedure was blocked which left a lot of readers commenting and seeking for a way out.

Fortunately, we have discovered another working method in other to use mtn bis on Android and PC and I choose to term this update for March and April 2015.

use mtn bis on android phones and computer

This method was discovered shortly after the previous cheat was blocked but we choose not to disclose it until we are fully certain it works very well and since that has been authenticated, we’d like to share it with you here.

Using MTN BIS Plan On Android and PC – March, April 2015

Accept our sincere sympathy if you had subscribed to the monthly mtn bis plan shortly before the trick was blocked. Are we usually advice, use the daily plan so that you won’t have so much to loose when a trick gets blocked.

In this new method, the required action is subscribing to MTN BBMIDID. What I mean is, instead of subscribing to mtn bis plan, you subscribe to MTN BBMIDID plan.

For those inquisitive on what the MTN BBMIDID entails, it’s the official bb10 data plan just like MTN BBCDAY for lower blackberry phones.

How To Subscribe?

Simply recharge your MTN Sim with N100 and text BBMIDID to 21600.

You should get a notification stating welcome to MTN Blackberry BBMIDID. You have 15MB inclusive data bundle. Don’t let that scare you. Just ignore and proceed.

What next?

Launch the simple server app on your computer or Android phone and use same settings you’ve been using in surfing with mtn bis. If you missed the simple server settings, you can get them on this post here.

Don’t forget that this plan lasts just for a day so I urge you to flex your N100 to the fullest before MTN nack apkako again.

We understand this is an unlimited browsing cheat and you are probably scared to sharing it on your social network so that it doesn’t get blocked but c’mon, if we didn’t share it here, how would you have known? Please Do show love by sharing this post to your social network accounts using the share and like buttons below this post.

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