I quite understand how it feels when you are being tagged in a photo on Facebook you know nothing about neither are you interested in.

It even gets more annoying when more persons are tagged to same photo and you keep getting notifications when they comment on the photo.

Although Facebook gives you the ability of not allowing the image show up on your profile until you approve it, Facebook will still send you a notification when someone comments on the tagged photo.

If you’d like to stop receiving notifications as regards a particular photo or post you were tagged in, the best option will be untagging yourself from the post or image.

Too many times i have often come across people posting comments on posts they were tagged in and they do be like ‘Please untag me‘ and I’d be like, ‘why don’t you just untag yourself?

I have come to realization that most people do not know how this is done and that’s why i am coming up with this post.

How To Untag Yourself From Posts and Images On Facebook

If using a computer, the process is very simple. I mean, very simple and i will try to be simple too in my approach.

#1. Click on the image or post you were tagged in so you could get to see the names of persons tagged on same post,

#2. Look out for your name and when you find it, place your mouse pointer on your name so that your profile preview will be shown to you.

remove yourself from tagged photos and posts on facebook

#3. As illustrated in the image above, when your profile has been previewed on that page, you should see a lining stating who tagged you on the image or the post alongside an option to Remove Tag.

#4. Click On Remove Tag and you will be removed from the tagged photo or post. You will thereafter, not be receiving notifications in regards comments on the post or image.

So you see. It’s very easy to untag (remove) yourself from tagged images and posts on Facebook. You do not have to keep shouting ‘Please Untag Me!!’ :-D.


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