Yes, I know and understand the fact that tutorials in regards unlocking Glo netpro ZTE modems, Etisalat modems and other network modems is quite old school.

As a matter of fact, sometime in 2012 / 2013, I had published series of guides in regards the subject matter on a previous blog.

unlock etisalat zte modem

However, we don’t have any tutorial that relates to that on this particular blog (TechsNG).

For this reason coupled with the fact that some of our readers have been asking, I even got a call few hours back from a fan (that’s how he described himself) asking same question. I have decided to revisit the issue on this particular post.

So, let’s get started.

Requirements To Unlock Etisalat, Glo Netpro ZTE MF110, MF180, MF190, MF631 3G USB Modems

Steps To Unlock Etisalat, Glo Netpro Modems

Step #1. Unzip the unlocker software and launch the DC-Crap.exe file. When it loads up, Select unlocking on the right side of the window and you should see something as indicated in the image below.

DC unlocker software for ZTE modems

Step #2. Under Select Manufacturer option, select ZTE modems and under Select Model, select Auto Detect (recommended).

Step #3. Now, insert your 3G USB ZTE modem with another network’s SIM into your computer via the computer’s working USB port and if the modem’s interface opens up, simply close it.

Step #4. Go back to the dc-crap window and click on the Detect Card option (the search icon) as indicated in the image below:

Unlocking glo netpro or etisalat mf110, 190, 180, 631 3G USB modem

Step #5. After the software has been properly detected, Click on the Unlock button at the right side of the window and after a few minutes, your modem should be unlocked.

Remove the modem from the computer and re-insert again and this time, you won’t be getting the invalid SIM display, instead, the sim will be detected and everything should work fine.

Please note that this guide won’t work for E303 modems. It is specifically for ZTE MF110, MF180, MF190, MF631 modems. For questions and comments, please feel free to use the comment session.


  1. I tried to unlock my starcom and Visa ZTE Modems but it they were unable to be detected via the application I downloaded. for that reason I’m unable to unlock it. Pls advice.

  2. Hi mr sam, i jst realised dat infinx released a new nd final beta version for d infinix zero 2 lollipop wit bug fixes, improved stability, improved battery nd sum xui features. I dnt knw hw true dis is bt i tink u shld check t out nd tells us if its advisable

    • I am aware of it Desmond. However, i am yet to flash it into my Zero 2 phone since the update isn’t available via OTA. I would have to create time to download the ROM, flash it in and see what’s actually improved and new.


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