When it comes to mobile messaging service using apps, WhatsApp has got a major competitor and that’s Telegram.

Telegram has been around for a while and although the app isn’t half as popular as WhatsApp, it’s still holds a major share in the market.

telegram app updated to version 3.5

Telegram has been updated to version 3.5 and it brings quite a lot of interesting features to the table. From improved secret chats to new photo editor to more privacy control, etc.

The new features introduced in the Telegram’s new version 3.5 includes:

  • New Voice Messages. Waveform visualizations, brand new player. Experimental: raise to speak / raise to listen.
  • New Secret Chats. Support for all the stuff you love in cloud chats: GIFs, replies, captions, sticker set previews, and inline bots. Added improved key visualization and optional link previews.
  • New privacy settings. Control who can add you to groups and channels with granular precision.
  • New photo editor. Added rotate, fade, tint and curves tools.
  • And More

Just as seen on BBM, telegram has introduced new private chat features which allows users share sensitive information without fear of being spied on. They are completely encrypted and have self-destruct timers which can be likened to BBM’s timed messages.

The photo editor feature is exclusive to android in this new update. Perhaps, it would be introduced to other platforms in the course of time. If you crave for more privacy, BBM or telegram may just be your answer because as we know, your WhatsApp messages can be monitored without you knowing.


  1. I don’t understand why chats aren’t encrypted by default in Telegram. For me, this is a deal breaker. Why would I want to encrypt only certain chats. I want to encrypt everything. Messengers like Threema also encrypt group conversations and media files — everything.


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