To be honest, i am actually a victim to the fuel scarcity situation in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, virtually all Nigerians are affected but i never would have thought it would get to the big brands. Honestly, i never thought of that although i have always wondered how they do it. I mean, i have always wondered how they scale through the fuel and diesel scarcity issues we had always faced in the country.

Apparently, the current fuel and diesel scarcity situation has been the worst in recent times. If i am not mistaking, this has been ongoing for like a month now. We always thought it would get better but apparently, it’s getting worse.

I even went out today for about 2 hours in search of fuel and i couldn’t get around my neighborhood. The only filling station i was able to see fuel, said they didn’t have fuel yet they were selling to those who were opportune to bring big cars to the filling station. They kept singing ‘No fuel’ yet they kept selling to those who came with big cars and didn’t attend to us who couldn’t come with cars as well as those who came with smaller calls and that continued for like an hour till i left the filling station.

Anyway, i know that isn’t the aim of this post but since it is related, i just felt like pouring my heart here. Thank God i still had a little quantity in my generator and that served me in terms of charging my devices and most importantly, updating this blog with this post.

Well, as it is, the situation seem to have gotten to MTN as they may shut down operations as a result of diesel scarcity in the country.

MTN stated in a tweet this morning, that they might be forced to shut down operations if the scarcity still looms.

See The Tweet From MTN In Regards The Fuel Scarcity Situation In Nigeria

For the sake of mobile users who may not be able to see the above tweet, perhaps the image below will solicit:

mtn tweet on fuel scarcity


  1. k no p,,, tnx 4 d info,,, inbetween cant it be done wit mobile uncle,,, n is there any disadvantage swapping ones fone ime

  2. ya ben you can.
    search and download Mtk Engineering mode from google.

    its hard sharing link on blog this days b4 dey count it as spam.


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