After months of teasing Samsung’s next Galaxy Note, the Korean company has finally let the cat out of the bag. Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy Note 7 and the design ain’t different from the recently leaked Images that had constantly been brought to our face.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offically launched

First off, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 inherited the new line of dual Edge designs as seen on the S6 Edge and S7 Edge. The front and back panel features the same Gorilla Glass panels on both sides, while the top, bottom, and sides have been made symmetrical thus making it 2.2mm thinner in width than it’s predecessor.

The Note 7 will be available in four colors, which includes Blue Coral, Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, and Gold Platinum.

samsung galaxy Note 7 color options

Another interesting feature in terms of build is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is waterproofed. And that goes the-same for the S-Pen stylus. Of course, this isn’t the first from the brand. The Galaxy S7 duo are also waterproofed.

Quick Specs Of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A quick look at the specs, the Galaxy Note features a 5.7-inch, dual-curved-edge Super AMOLED quad-HD resolution screen. The device is powered by Snapdragon 820 SoC, quad-core (2 x 2.15GHz cores + 2 x 1.6GHz cores) processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB of fast UFS 2.0 storage as the base, fast Adreno 530 GPU and 3500mAh battery with fast wireless battery charging and fast wired charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also features Iris Scanner as seen on the brand’s newest Iris tablet, which is essential for bio-metric authentication. In addition to security, the device packs fingerprint and PIN/Password authentication systems.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera Specs and Sample Pictures

In terms of camera, which is perhaps, the major concern to most people, the Galaxy Note 7 features same 12 megapixels rear / 5 megapixels front facing camera setup used on the Galaxy S7 duo. Both cameras features an aperture of f/1.7 which should in turn, translate to awesome pictures even under low light conditions.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7 picture quality

Interestingly, the camera is equipped with dual-PD (Dual Photodiode) technology for quicker auto-focus.

Samsung has shared some sample images of what is said to be pictures shot using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and from the look of the images, pictures seem really shape and colorful. However, it tend to bring about same issue experienced on the S7 duo which is unnatural over-sharpening.

You can view the images for yourself below and perhaps, drop your judgement afterwards.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples2 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples3 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples4 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples5 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples6 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples7 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples8 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples9 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples10 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples11 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples12 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples13


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