[Tutorial] How To Root Innjoo Note Pro Successfully

As we have often mentioned in previous posts where we talked on the innjoo note pro, it’s just an advanced version of the innjoo note just like we have infinix hot note and infinix hot note pro.

Rooting the innjoo note pro is no different from the process used in rooting the innjoo note. However, we would still like to guide you here on how to root your innjoo note pro.

Disclaimer: Please note that by following this tutorial, you are responsible for all your actions. TechsNG will not be held responsible for any negative outcome but then, you can trust that our tutorials are usually confirmed.

Rooting Innjoo Note Pro

Just before we head on to the steps required in rooting the innjoo note pro, let me quickly point out all the requirement and it’s advisable you have them in place before proceeding with the tutorial.

  • Latest Kingroot app. Download Here
  • Innjoo Note Pro (the device you want to root)
  • Stable internet connection on your innjoo phone

Have you got those requirements in place? If yes, then let’s proceed.


==> Launch the downloaded kingroot app and it will try to verify the root status of the phone.

==> If phone isn’t rooted, you will get a notification stating that Root Access is unavailable.

==> Tap on the START ROOT button and the process will start. At this point, you should find some numbers readings on the phone.

innjoo note pro rooting

==> During this process, your phone will reboot. Don’t panic, it’s all part of the process.

==> In few minutes time, depending on your network speed, the process should be complete and you should get a notification at the top stating ‘Root Successfully‘.

Innjoo Note Pro rooted

==> At this point, your innjoo note pro has been successfully rooted.

How To Confirm Phone Is Rooted

==> Check through the apps on the menu and you should find KingUser app automatically installed.

==> You can also close the kingroot app and relaunch it again. This time, you should get a notification stating ‘Root Successfully‘.

rooted innjoo note pro phone

If you want to go an extra mile by having to install an app yo verify root, you can use Root Checker Basic app from Play Store.

So,there you have it. Rooting is very easy on some of these MTK android phones and same applies to using fonts as well as charging their imei in other to use glo bis on it.

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