You Can Now Reserve NITEL Numbers On The NTEL Website

Over the past few months, we have come across series of press release and report in regards the upcoming NTEL service.

Sometime last year 2015, it was said that the 0804 NTEL sims with 4G LTE connectivity will be released that November 2015. That didn’t come to limelight until sometime in January when it was announced that the new roll out date has been extended to March.

ntel number reservation website

We are still in the month of March and thankfully, intending users can now reserve their numbers on the NTEL website.

I was able to reserve three numbers but that was after series of trials. Most of the simple numbers you can ever think of, are not available (according to the website).

If you are good with guessing numbers, you could be lucky to having your preferred number still available. However, If you want to save yourself some stress, you can just use the ‘Generate a random number‘ option.

reserving your ntel number

To reserve your own NTEL 0804 number which will be launching first in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, visit the reservation page here.

Please do bear in mind that all reservations will be made online on the 12th of March 2016 to 31st of May 2016. Hence, you way want to cash in on those similar numbers for yourself, a member of your family, another member of your family, a friend, another friend. A max of 5 numbers can actually be reserved by one user.

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