If you are a frequent internet surfer and perhaps, a very good observer, you may have come across images of two or more pictures joined together.

Have you always wondered how they were done? I am sure you thought there’s a particular software(s) used in doing that.

Well, true.

There is software(s) used in doing that on a computer and there is app(s) used in doing that on mobile devices as well. But then, why having to download a particular software or app when same can be achieved online?

Photojoiner.net is one of the best online website i have always used in joining multiple pictures together and downloading them with ease.

On the post where I talked on the Infinix zero 2 full review, I used photojoiner in joining two pictures together. See one of the joined images below:

photojoiner images

Unlike most online tools that may give you a hard time in downloading the images or adding a watermark, photojoiner is very easy to use and download from and there will be no added watermark in the images.

How Do I Use PhotoJoiner?

It’s simple. Visit www.photojoiner.net, click on select photos and choose the images from your computer storage memory. When done merging all of the images you’d like to merge, tap on Join Photos (located at the right side of the page).

Without wasting time, the images will be joined together. Right click on the image and choose to save image as…

There you have it. Joining images online using the photojoiner website tool is very easy than having to download software(s).

Hope this comes in handy.

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