OXL.com just like Google Trader, is an online classified site for advertising and more, its a website where users search for jobs and services related to cars, apartment, housing, cell phones and more.

These products are based on what the seller posts and if a buyer Is interested, he would be asked to contact the seller.

OLX.com has got loads of categories ranging from Vehicles, Real Estate, Jobs, Services, Community etc.

How Does OXL.com works?

Just like Google Trader, a user(Buyer) puts up an advertising based on what he has to offer for other users(buyers and seller) to see and if anyone is interested, he would be required to contact the seller via the contact details he/she already stated along the advert or by sending him/she a message on the website.

OXL.com has got two major country platform, United states and Nigeria, the united states site is seated on www.oxl.com domain while the nigerian version of the site is situated on the domain www.oxl.com.ng, although on your visit to the site you will be required to choose which region or country you want to visit.

How Does OXL.com.ng works?

The Nigerian version which is oxl.com.ng works same way as the united version, the only difference is that, on the Nigerian version you will be dealing with Nigerians while on the united states version, you will be dealing with foreigners more of united states citizens.

Some of the services you can find on the oxl.com.ng are babysitter, auditions, computer, event services, health, beauty and fitness, insurance, repairs etc.

How Do I Visit The Website?

Just head over to www.olx.com for united states citizens or www.olx.com.ng for Nigerian citizens

Is it save to trade on olx.com or olx.com.ng?

Like I always say, you need to be extra careful when indulging on online business that involves sending money, I argue you to take extra precautions if it is possible to meet the seller on one on one basis then that will be best or if someone you know recommended him/her to you then there could be some trust in that.

I personally haven’t yet traded on this website so I really cannot prescribe anyone at this moment.

Please if you have traded on oxl.com or oxl.com.ng do share your experience with us using the comment form below.


  1. Hi, I’m interested, in getting a partner. It is winter and I do have, a very good instant “hot water” facility -= economical to buy that will last, for years. Very economical on electricity and will fit, into a small space. Could be connected to any garden hose and the “hot water” pipe, could be extended, to supply other rooms too, in a house. Thanks and my regards to you!

  2. I got duped of 15k from a merchant on olx. He said he could deliver a brand new iPhone 5s 64gb to me for 50k. He asked me to deposit 30% of the money into his account which i did. He later sent me a text from “Jumia LTD” stating that i needed to pay the remaining 70% into his account before the phone could be delivered. I realized then that it was a scam and asked him to refund my money. He hasn’t done so till date and refuses to pick up my call.His name on olx is barryluck and his phone number is 07035739844. His account name is Iseguan Benjamin Enohima. GT bank account: 08077683246

    • Thank you so much Mr Sunday for this information. Am very sure it will aid other shoppers who tend to read this post before making any deals on olx. Most of the scammers use ‘Mr’ so that they may sound genuine. Like i had stated on this post earlier, no one should send any deposit whatsoever even if its recharge card. Thanks again pal.


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