When BlackBerry first gained its entry into the Nigerian market, it was a hot cake even though the prices were outrageous. I mean, blackberry was the talk of the town and any one who could afford the device at the time, had the cash.

At the time, I recall the Curve 2 was selling for over a hundred thousand Naira. Same curve 2 you wouldn’t find in the market now. Even if you should, it’d be from someone and not the market.

When people became conscious of the fact that the blackberry phones of that time were a set back especially with the frequent hanging and lagging, BlackBerry decided to start producing BB10 phones running BB10 OS which is completely different from the former. In terms of design, features and functionality.

blackberry stops BB phone production

Soon, BlackBerry incorporated the ability to directly download and install some android apps on the BB10 phones in a bid to making its devices relevant as developers were majorly developing apps for android and iOS platforms.

All efforts, although very encouraging, didn’t seem to buy the hearts of most mobile users as the android OS was leading the chart.

Blackberry Stops Producing BB10 Phones And Focuses On Android

Sometime last year, BlackBerry decided to go with the trend by launching its first android smart phone. Although the device got a lot of attention, it didn’t do so well (in terms of sales) as expected as a result of the pricing.

It should be re-called that BlackBerry had initially said android is the future and the company hopes to produce two mid-range smartphones this year being 2016.

It should also be recalled that Facebook and WhatsApp has announced discontinuing its services on BlackBerry phones including BlackBerry 10 phones which in my opinion, came as a blow.

All of these, I guess, has made BlackBerry officially announce that it’s stopping production of blackberry 10 phones and focusing on android phones.

In a recent interview with Gulf News, John Chen clearly stated they’d support the bb10 OS for a minimum of 2 years before probably backing up. His statement reads thus:

“We will support BB10 for minimum two years as a lot of governments are using it, such as Canada, the U.S, Germany and UK.”.

BlackBerry based on previous report, said it’d be producing two mid-range android phones this year nicknamed as ROME and HAMBURG; one having a full touchscreen like the traditional android phone and the other having a physical keyboard as seen on the PRIV.


  1. Still waiting to see what they can offer, as for stopping the Production of BB10 I think it’s the wisest option because the device ain’t selling anymore and you don’t want to produce device and not sell it. It’s been hard times recently for Blackberry Inc. and I pity for them


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