Number Of Mobile Internet Users In Nigeria Climbs Up To 92.6 Million

Mobiles are becoming a part of our everyday activities. An average Nigerian cannot run through the day without his/her phone. This isnt actually just in Nigeria, its Global. Ask yourself, when was the last time you spent the whole day without touching your phone?

mobile internet users in nigeria

Just as mobile phones has become a part of our everyday living, the need for internet connection on our smart phones is also on the increasing level as mobile internet users in Nigeria increased by 13.6% to reach an all time number of 92.6million users during the first half of 2015. This information was made known by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

According to the report, MTN still holds the highest number of internet subscribers in Nigeria with a total of 40.4 million which is about 43.6% of total users.

Holding the second spot is Globacom as the ISP added a total of 1.7m subscribers within the last 6 months thereby resulting to a total of 19.3m which is about 20.8% of total users.

Third spot is Airtel. Airtel has been releasing new data plans off late and even though most users tend to complain of high data drainage, the ISP still has a total of 17.5m subscribers which is about 18.9% of total users.

Holding the fourth spot is Etisalat. Within the first 6 months of the year, etisalat has grew more than its competitors in terms of mobile internet subscribers as reports has it that the telecommunication network grew its subscribers base from 10m to 15.2m which is about 16.41% of total users.

In the last few years, research has made it known that an average internet user prefers surfing the net via his/her phone and following the reports disclosed above, the widely-believed phenomenon is on an increase. Mobile is very handy and perhaps, the quickest way to get things done understanding the fact that there are more sophisticated smartphones being produced these days which helps in everyday tasks.

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