After months of waiting upon the newly revamped telecommunication company to unveil pick up locations in Lagos, it has finally come to limelight. However, I am guessing it won’t make much difference and relax, I will explain why.

NTEL’s network service officially went live on the 8th of April and according to the team, the service was available basically in Lagos and Abuja.

While this sounded very welcoming owing to the fact that we cant wait to redeem our reserved numbers accompanied by being able to test out what NTEL brings to the table, the joy was short-lived as the company only launched pick up outlets in Abuja leaving out Lagos. Hence, Lagosians couldn’t use the sim as no pick up location was available within the state. The first pick up location was first unveiled on the 19th of same April.

During April and may, NTEL kept dishing out offers that I would say, are very tempting and thereafter, unveiled more pick up outlets in Abuja. However, Lagosians still couldn’t eat out of the pizza.

Fast forward to this month being June, we started hearing reports of a outlet quietly being made available in Marina, Lagos. And today, the company via it’s Facebook page, has officially announced an outlet at ikoyi Lagos.

ntel new pick up outlet in Lagos

The pick up location, according to Ntel, is situated at Alfred Rewane (kingsway Rd) by rumens (opp Ikoyi Registry).

Now, to why I said it probably wouldn’t make much difference, when NTEL first launched, we were particularly trilled by the cheap data plans and the speed of the network owing to the fact that it was 4G LTE network connection.

NTEL said it was offering unlimited browsing for a month at a cost of 10,000. However, based on the policy earlier published, data usage will be strolled after consuming 3GB daily. But then, I don’t know how true that is with the new data plans.

Thanks to Glo, data subscription in Nigeria is becoming very much affordable. With just N8,000, you can get a whooping 48GB on the Glo network and with just N2,000, you can get 6GB of data. Doing the maths, 48 + 6 = 54GB.

Although calculating 3GB daily x 30 days will equal 90GB for just N10,000. Nevertheless, owing to the fact that NTEL only works on 4G enabled devices with no assured good network coverage at every location in Lagos state, makes Glo data a better option. So you see, NTEL seem to be coming a little late to Lagos.

If you are using a 4G LTE enabled phone with good NTEL network coverage in your location, of course the NTEL plan is a better option. If otherwise, Glo might be your best bet. If having problems with glo, you can check out Airtel new mouth watering plans with it’s own limitation.


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