The talks on the MTN BetterME isn’t new, at least not on this blog. We’ve talked about the plans that comes with the BetterME ranging from the daily and monthly subscription plan to the data plan which gives you 2015G for N2015 and works on Blackberry 10 phones along other devices. And now, MTN has launched the BetterME application which should aid people interested in voting as it is seen as an election monitoring app.

Telecommunications Service Provider, MTN Nigeria, the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and the National Orientation Agency (NOA), unveiled the app on Friday and it’s designed to bring transparency to the electoral process through real time online election monitoring, voters education and engagement.

The General Manager, MTN Consumer Marketing, Mr Richard Iweanoge, spoke at the unveiling ceremony, stating that the application which is now available to over 60 million MTN subscribers, has inbuilt content on voter education ostensibly geared towards deepening the country’s electoral process. He furthermore added that Nigerians would now have the unhindered access of monitoring the coming February election via their mobile phones.

MTN Unveils Betterme app for 2015 election

A subscriber can access information on candidates for the elections, their plans and manifestos as well as their strategic thrust and policy direction of the various political parties, he said.

INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, commended MTN and Mr. Fola Akinmolayan of NEO 2 limited stating that they were quite excited when the idea was introduced because of the positive benefits that the app has in engaging the voter and enhancing their participation in the electoral process.

According to Mr. Oluwole Uzzi, who is a director at the commission, the BetterME app had unusual application security agencies, election observers, the civil society groups and other stakeholders, adding that other public and corporate organizations should key into the application for the country’s overall development.

Mr. Mike Omeri, Director General of NOA, also spoke at the event adding that the BetterME app was developed by a Nigerian which is an indication of the country’s potential in the IT world. With the app, Nigerians both within and outside the country would be able to witness and participate fully in the electoral process.

Akinmolayan assured that the app had inbuilt curators that would make it very difficult for hackers to distort the streaming of content because the content would directly emanate from INEC or any other credible agency like NOA. He said MTN had the capability to fully monitor all that was generated to ensure that it was coming from the right source. He furthermore added that MTN will be able to curate and allow people to upload contents like videos on the app where people on election day can show us information around their areas and the way the voting is being conducted although the feature is yet to be integrated.

How Can I download THE MTN 2015 BetterME App?

==> Send the keyword 2015 to 131 via SMS. An SMS containing the link for download nwill be sent to you immediately.
==> Tap on the link to download the App free of charge.

Please be aware that the app is only available for android platforms. Although, other platforms will be introduced in the course of time.

Just for the records, 2015 election is set to hold 14th of February, 2015 which happens to be valentines day. Now, if your babe keep buzzing you to take her out on a romantic date, simply take her to a romantic voting station LOL… After all, supporting your country is romantic but you are solely responsible for whatever happens afterwards if she decides to dump you for the next available guy o!


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