While the MTN TrueTalk+ plan lasted, it was the cheapest tariff plan MTN had to offer. I mean, after a daily access fee of N5 has been charged (which is triggered by the first call of the day), subscribers get to make calls through the day at a flat rate of 11kobo/sec.

This plan made calls much more affordable on the MTN network until the telecommunication decided to discontinue the plan and automatically switched all trutalk+ subscribers to trutalk plan which is a rather expensive plan compared to the former.

…MTN SmoothTalk Plus To The Rescue

Doing a little research, I’ve come to realize that the MTN SmoothTalk plus plan may be the best alternative to the ‘gone-too-soon’ trutalk plan (I stand to be corrected though).

The MTN SmoothTalk plus plan attracts a higher charge for the first one minute call of the day while subsequent calls are charged at a much lower flat rate. The first one (1) minute call of the day on the SmoothTalk Plus plan is charged at 40kobo/sec while subsequent calls are charged at 15 kobo/sec.

An additional benefit is that subscribers get free 10MB on a N100+ recharge done within 7 days and the free data is valid for 7 days. You also get notified of the tariff charge at the end of every outgoing call or sent text message(s).

How To Migrate To MTN SmoothTalk Plus

If this plan seems appealing to you better than the trutalk plan and you’d like to migrate, simply dial *401#. Alternatively, you can text 401 to 131 to migrate to the MTN SmoothTalk Plus plan.


  1. Hi Mr Sam, by now u shld now dat Mtn has suspended the bblited plan for phisphon nd vpn tweaks. Pls do u by any chance have an alternative? Or a new sub dat would be compatible with d tweaks.


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