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For sometime now it has been almost impossible to make night calls due to the fact that i was unable to detect the new mtn plans that permits free night call feature and this has made me stopped making night calls for a long time even till now.

Although during the time MTN FUNLINK RELOADED was introduced it was stated that the free night calls was included in its package and that is after making a minimum of 1 minute during the day time but friends around me complained it wasn’t working, so what do i do?

You would agree with me that the MTN Customer Care isn’t connecting to their agents or correspondent so how then do i lay my complains, ask questions and get solutions?

Everybody knew that during the era of the MTN Xtracool plan free night calls was permitted provided you have a minimum credit balance of N100 naira and also with the MTN PAYGO and TalkOn plackages but these somehow stopped and now most people are wondering Which MTN plan gives free night calls?

MTN Friends and Family Package. Yes MTN friends and family plan allows free night calls from between 12.30am to 4.30am i.e during the early hours of the day known as peak period and am not just saying this out of guess but this has been confirmed by a close person to me and in my presense.


Just have a minimum of N100 naira in your account and enjoy this feature at night.

How To Migrate To MTN family and friends

To Migrate, just dial *123#, this takes you to the MTN service centre, choose family and friends among their packages and thats it.

Hope this helps?

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