Over the last couple of months, Airtel has been releasing data plans that can be considered very affordable. Glo isn’t letting it’s subscribers down with the night and weekend data plan.

Sometime last week, it was reported that MTN disconnected about 4.5 million sims that were not registered or properly registered.

I stated therein that if MTN aims to get more subscribers, they would have to think of introducing luring offers. That seem to be coming to limelight as MTN Nigeria has rolled out new data plans.

mtn 3.7gb and 1.3gb

Before now, the cheapest plan MTN had to offer was the BetterMe plan which offers 2015MB for N2015 and first introduced in the year 2015. Now, MTN has something much better.

Going forward, you can now get 3.5GB data for N2000 and 1.3GB for N1000. Although that’s a good development, it isn’t competing with what Airtel and Glo already has on ground.

How To Subscribe?

To subscribe to the MTN 3.5GB plan, SMS 110 to 131 and that goes for N2000. To subscribe to the 1.3GB plan, SMS 106 to 131 and N1000 will be deducted. So, what are you waiting for?



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