On an earlier post, i talked on glo bis been the cheapest plan for blackberry 10 phones and i recall stating that i would be trying out that of MTN BIS.

Based on my speculation and based on reports by most people, mtn bis offers 3GB data daily. Although this is not the official set down data space, no data space for the daily, weekly and monthly plan was specified.

Instead, you are being told you are within fair usage or you’ve passed fair usage. Usually, if you have passed fair usage limit for the mtn bis, data connection on your bb phone will be deducted from your credit. Having said this, it is rumored that the MTN BIS Daily plan offers 3GB.

I attempted trying out the MTN bis plan on blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 and Z3 because if it works on any of these devices, then obviously, it will be the cheapest plan for bb10 phones.

Use mtn bis absolute on blackberry 10 phones


MTN BIS Absolute Plan Does Not Work On BB10 Phones

Upon testing it out, it didn’t work. MTN BIS Absolute plan does not work on bb10 phones like Q10, Z10 and the rest. For those who intend trying it out, you should please take note of this so that you do not waste your credit.

I actually tested using the daily plan which goes for N120. Fixed it on a Q5 and it didn’t detect if there was a subscription talk more of browsing or pinging but it works perfectly on lower bb phones like torch, bold, curve and other lower versions.

So far based on my testings, The Normal MTN Night plan package which gives you a total of 4.5Gb (1.5GB during daytime and 3GB during night-time) works on bb10 phones. You can also use it on your modem, android, iPhone, iPad or any other device with internet connection.

Summary: Following this verdict, GLO BIS still remains the cheapest data plan for blackberry 10 phones as you get a total of 3GB for just 1000 which you can even share to your PC or any other devices with wireless feature via hotspot.


  1. I’ve just met someone telling me her blackberry Z3 uses BIS and now I’m kinda interested to buy it. Is it true it takes BIS?

  2. Please prof i have z10 blackberry if intend switching to 3g it network will go off i hav call my network provider for solutions i was told settings will be sent to me latter up till this moment is not working,what can do to solve this challenge.

  3. Bis is working on blackberry Q10,Q5,Z10 etc.
    All u need is just goto menu—- settings —– network and connection —- mobile network.
    on the page dat appear next, click on APN and den change it to blackberry.net
    all network
    Once done simply tap d “Back” button to save the settings and then restart your blackberry. subscribe your Bis and enjoy……
    Am enjoying it on my blackberry Q5 dats y am sharing it out to pple.
    Have a nice day. for any complain ping me (2BAAF434) thanks.

  4. Hi Sam I hafe a BlackBerry z3 I can not use Internet the is only a h- voice conetion no data conetion there is some kind of a singn that is supose to be Green but is black how can I switch it to be green

  5. Plz prof sam, i just got a bb 9930 wich is verizon wireless and i subscribd wid glo, but d bis is not working cos its a cdma device. Plz is there a way for me to use ma bis on da phone. Plz i need ur help.

  6. Hi bro,is Glo 1000 for 3g not working on Z10 anymore? And do I check my balance.

    I just subscr.to 3g glo 4days ago,already saying exhauted since yestada. Way forwad pls.Ur help urgently pls

  7. becos i have techno p5 which am using my glo bis of 3g a month on, and i want to buy BB Q10 that i will be putting my MTN line

    • It should. However, if you have a good glo network in your neighborhood, I’d rather advice using glo because it’s cheaper.

  8. Mtn shld better do something about BIs for BBQ10. Glo remains d cheapest but d network on my area is flunctuating and I can’t be buying data on my mtn network. How can I buy data @ 2500 for just 2.5GB when Glo is giving 3.5GB @ #1000 for d whole months both days and nights! Note: if they is a possible way for MTN 2 help dia company, dia better do cos they’s loosing out as so many users are on BB smartphones presently.

    • Yes it can. Not exactly as a modem though but as a connection source. Just turn on the hotspot feature on the phone and connect your laptop wireless to the blackberry z3 hotspot.

  9. Purchased a bberryZ3.it shows that the only available network is “h-voice only” this means I can’t get data connection. How do I change it to just being a data connection. Cos now I can’t access internet

    • EmmaBell, the Blackberry Z10 runs on Android OS although there’s a resemblance with the android OS. However, it has come to my notice that there are fake blackberry z10 in the market running on android OS. You just have to be wary if you intend buying one.

  10. @Samuel Adeniyi: Please, I would like to make some confirmations from you!
    I use GLO SIM for COMONTH subscriptions in my BB 9930 Bold 5 and I still have about 2.5GB remaining data in it. Now I just bought a BB Z30 and I want cut this my GLO SIM to a micro-SIM and insert it in my new Z30! Will my 2.5GB remaining data work perfectly well in my new Z30???
    Urgent Answer NEEDED…I would appreciate so much!

  11. My BlackBerry z3 uses a lot of data I keep on buying like 1gig everyday I then watch a video on youtube for about 30min or so and its all gone


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