MTN 2015 BetterMe Bundles – Best Tariff and Data Plan For 2015?

Few days back, MTN introduced a new package called ‘MTN BetterME Bundles‘. Just as the name implies ‘BetterME’, the package was introduced to better the interest of its users based on call tariff, data and SMS. The plan promises to give values that beats it’s price. Example is getting 20mins talk-time, 15MB data and 35 sms for just N250 daily.

I am not the type who is so good at monitoring call charges in terms of per second billing but based on my little speculation so far, I am on the MTN Super-saver plan and on that plan, I am charged a relatively high cost(N30 or so) for the first minute of the day and subsequent minutes cost around N10/minute. Now, if that speculation is anything to go by, 20mins call talk-time multiplied by N10 will equal to N200. 15MB of data on a normal basis should cost about N100 and 35 sms multiplied by N4 should equal to N140. Summing up (200 + 100 + 140), it should equal to N440. With the MTN BetterME daily plan, you get a whooping N440 value for just N250.

MTN BetterME plan

The only downside with this plan is the fact that, for someone who spends just about N100 on a daily basis, having to spend N250 daily just because of the benefit, would be having to increase his airtime budget. The plans are only suitable for those who spend over N300 recharge card on a daily basic.

MTN BetterME Plans

The package comes in 2 basic plans; The daily and monthly plan. There’s no weekly plan.

The daily plan as earlier used for the example, costs N250 daily and you get 20 minutes of calls talk time, 15MB and 30 SMS. The monthly plan cost N2015 and you get 100 SMS, 300MB data and 100 minutes of calls talktime.

How Do I Opt In For MTN BetterME Bundle?

Simply dial *123*4# and choose any of the plans that suits your interest. If you want direct dial codes, the daily plan code is *123*4*1# while the monthly is *123*4*2#.

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