Media.Net : Got My First Payment From Yahoo/Bing Contextual Advertising Network

Around late January 2013 was when I started using Yahoo/Bing own advertising company as a publisher which is registered using Although I have been reading reports and reviews about them hence I decided to try them out.

Sometimes late last year, I had sent a request and it was declined for reasons I never understood. Well, yes its sort of difficult to get into yahoo/Bing advertising as a publisher until around late January this year I was accepted after making the second attempt with a welcome message from is awesome because upon been accepted to the company’s network of publishers, a personal account assistant is assigned to you who you can ask questions anytime pertaining to your account. yahoo bing advertising payment methods
Around February alone, I crossed the network’s payment threshold, the payout threshold is actually $100 although rumors had it to be $500 which isn’t true.

And around the middle of march I contacted my account assistant asking why I have not yet received my earnings and he explained to me that I crossed the threshold in February hence payment will be processed by end of march.

Yesterday been the 02nd of April 2013, I got an email notification via my email address of my payment been made to my account and guess what? I got my money right into my USD(foreign) account and it was via wire transfer to my account here in my country.

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Media.Net Payment Methods

The Network currently has only two methods of payment, PayPal and wire transfer and since paypal wasn’t supported in my country neither am I ready to go through the stress of getting a verified PayPal account,  I choosed wire transfer although I had doubts if payment was really going to be possible since I do not reside in the united states or its environs.

Sincerely I was more than happy I get the money directly into my account which saved me from waiting close to one month or having to be charged any amount from my local bank and I would categorically say now that is a sure alternative to Google Adsense.

Although Google Adsense still stands out as the best in terms of money made and functionality, I think the fact that you can get your earnings paid directly into your domiciliary(Foreign) account gives an edge, am just hoping some day Google Adsense will support payments through wire transfer in my country.

BTW, am still expecting my chitika check to get to me here in my country since it was sent around 29th of march and when that is done, I will write a detailed review like I have done for yahoo/bing contextual network(

Update (02/01/2014)

I got the chitika payment in 2013 but not via check, instead i got it via PayPal account and i have written an exclusive review about the AD company which you can read Here.

More so, i am still using and still getting my payments as at the end of January 2014 even through i have been warned of low quality traffic twice.

Update (2/06/2014)

Is Real Or Scam?

For those asking this question, the advertising medium is real and sure pay publishers. I still get paid to date from and that is why i included the date in the update for clarification.

Samuel Adeniyi

A lover of Gadget with more enthusiasm for phones. I enjoy writing on pretty much anything that interests me, as long as it's beneficial to someone or a number of persons. I hope you stick with me on this journey of being productive :).


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  • Hey man, I need help. I don’t have aba number in my county. What should I do? What should I insert instead? Can someone please help me?

  • Samuel,
    Thanks for the great article on I have been using them for a few months now. I just wish you could see more of the metrics like they show on Google AdSense. With the recent buy out of I hope to see additional improvement.


  • is a good alternative to adsense. The ppc is pretty good. I started using them on webmasterbabble and so far been making $15.00 a day.

    Tried other ad networks after being banned from adsense but was making pennies.


  • Have you ever experienced the issue some people are talking about when their earnings drop to zero even though they’re still getting traffic? I’ve read that in numerous reviews.

    • Laria, when i was using the network, i didn’t quite experience that except for drastic reduction in earnings that i even had to remove their codes.

  • I had media account in the year of 2013 and i got a notification which asked me resolve my low traffic within 24 hours then i removed the ads and left forever.

    Today i thought lets get in see what happens. Still the account is active with an amount of $78. I have requested another blog and see whether i ‘ll get approved or not.

    If it was will that amount be added to my new earnings.! My new blog

    Best regards

    • I decided to take it off for a while because their RPM had gone down drastically. Hope you understand what that means.

  • is legit and better than Google Adsense. They released the payment for me in the right time and very simple via Bank wire transfer. Thanks I will build strong website and great Website for them.

  • are fraud, a group of layers, when u reached to get paid they will suspend your account with the reason i.e. we are suspending your account due to low traffic, they are all son of bitch. They are suspended my two accounts one by one when I reached to get paid on my site don’t use them they are fucking indians

    • Sorry you had such experience with them but that hasn’t been my case. I just started using them yesterday because their RPM has been very low for some months now. Sorry again but to me, they are still legit and haven’t suspended for account for over a year i have been using them.

    • They seem to be fond of that. I don’t think i have been in communication with them via email since this year but i have been doing well without been able to reach them.

    • If you’ve successfully fixed up your correct payment details, you should be getting your payment by the end of January.

  • I dunno why they never replied my email anymore. While this month I will get my first payment. Please tell me about Wire Transfer method, how long does it take for the money to arrive into your local Bank.

    • It doesn’t take long. However, it depends on how banking system work in a country. I got the post recent alert on the 1st of December, 2014 of my earnings. You should get yours within this period.

      • Bro would you please to let me talk to you via Skype or whatever, I need more information about this, please. my earning has reached more than 170 dollar, and I got the problem about ABA number in the wire transfer form. My local Bank dont know anything about ABA number. Please help me more information and let me talk to you.


        • Hello, you can you your bank sort code in place of the ABA number (I rightly stated this in the post). As regards skype, i barely use skype. However, my username on skype is trueinternetworld

          • Samuel Adeniyi, I didn’t get any notification about my payment from, it’s already 3rd of December while on November, my earning has reached more than 170 dollar. Btw how do tell us when our earnings will be paid out. Please keep in touch!

          • Can you please give me the precise date to when you filled in your payment details completely? Because that could have an effect to when you should be paid.

          • Ooooooh, in that case, you should be getting your payment by the end of December. If you had filled in your details before the 15th of November, you should have received your payment by now but since you just filled it this month, you have to wait till the end of December. Hope that helps in justifying why you haven’t received your payment?

          • Ah okay, thank so much Samuel, you gives me a very clear information. anyway I bookmarked your link. Keep in touch, see you in the end of December. Tell me what I can do to help you?

          • Thanks Bukit, am glad i’ve been able to be of assistance to you. Thank you so much for visiting consistently.

            What to do for me? Just be kind enough to invite more active readers to the blog and do share the post to your social networks. That’s all I ask for now :-). Thanks again.

          • Hi Samuel

            Hi how are you, I am back, bro would you please to tell me when the exactly date the will send the money via wire bank transfer. I really hope there will be no problem.

            Bukit Lawang

          • Lets look at 8 days from now. But based on the fact that there are gonna be holidays, there are chances that there might be a little delay. Just wait till 3rd of January.

  • Hi,

    Great post, Chase! . I read your article and I like your post It kept connected me all the time.Keep up the good work.
    I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people.

  • Thanks Dear Admin
    You give me another alternative for making making otherwise I was waiting my Adsense account approval so long.
    Thanks for such a informative post..

  • My experience with and my "personal rep" has been horrible. I don't recommend them!!!!! They don't disclose the amount you get paid per click. They don't disclosed how many clicks you get. they only disclose impressions. I started out getting good payouts, then I got 3 days of $0 with no explanation. My rep said that he would look into it – never did and he has gone missing for some reason. They are very quick to ask you for more ads on the site – specially if your site gets a lot of traffic, like mine. Not quick to give explanations as to why they seem to be stealing money from you. I want to add that my rep also told me that I was getting 70-57% of the ad revenue. I asked him to put that in writing – also no response.

  • Hi Samuel,

    It’s unbelievable. I’m having ads on my website for more than a year. But still I dint reach that 100 USD. How did you reach the target within a month? How many page views per month your website is getting? What’s your suggestions to improve my earnings. Really I’m getting very low earnings. (In cents) Please share your ideas to improve my earnings. It may also helpful for other bloggers.

    • Hello Jebastin, the truth be told, a website success in terms of earnings actually depends on how much traffic the site gets daily or monthly. I got thousands of visitors daily although that’s not enough, it still works for me in attaining my monthly earnings.

      • Thanks for your reply. Actually I’m also getting 3000 page views daily. Do I have to do anything else to get a good earnings from May I know how much money are you getting per day on average. Please give me some tips.

        • 3000 pageviews daily is pretty okay but then, source of traffic and conversion also counts. If 95% of those 3K daily traffic are from search engines, then you should be earning higher than cents daily but your niche also counts though. First, i presume you re on blogger, blogger stats are not really accurate hence you should use Google Analytics in checking your real stats. Secondly, if 80% of that daily traffic are from mobile visitors, it might not convert well simply because mobile visitors might not get to see the ads. Hope this helps?

          • Hello Jebastin, First and foremost, i couldn’t find any ads on your blog, instead i find a bunch of others like infolinks etc. More so, i realize your content attracts more visitors from Indian. If am correct then Indian clicks do not convert well. In other to earn pretty okay from these ads, a good number of visitors have to be from US, UK or canada. However, i will still advice you stick to what you know best.

            Further more, i will suggest you reduce the ads and scripts on your blog, it could turn visitors off and even my avast antivirus marked the inner page of your blog as harmful.

            Hope this helps? Cheers!