First of all, let me confess that I miss the times of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Those where times when we rarely browse with our money. The only time we’d browse with our money is only when we are busy researching for the next available free browsing cheats.

Oh well, they say the only constant thing in life is change. And as such, free browsing are now very rare to come by. Most people have turned to spending high amounts on browsing. Yes we do same most times but does it make sense to use those when there’s a working cheap browsing method?

May 2014 Cheapest Method To Browsing On PC, Android, iPad

What’s May 2014 Cheap Browsing On PC, Andoid and other devices All About?

I have personally been using this trick for a while now as a matter of fact, i am currently using it in posting this. Its not really a trick per say but its a method. A method that allows you get 3GB of data to browse on your PC computer, android device, iPad or any other device with as low as N1000.

Please don’t get so excited just yet, there are certain requirements needed before you can join this train.


1. A blackberry phone with hotspot functionality
2. A Glo sim card
3. Whatever device you want to browse on must have wireless functionality
4. N1000 airtime to be loaded on the glo sim

Steps to configure cheap browsing on Glo network Using Glo BIS

==> Load the N1000 airtime on the glo sim, make sure the sim is present in the hotspot featured blackberry phone
==> When done loading, send ‘comonth‘ without quotes as a text message to 777 and the N1000 will be deducted.
==> By now, you should get a confirmation message welcoming you to the glo bis plan, if am correct then awesome!
==> Turn on the hotspot functionality on the blackberry phone and remember to use a password in other to prevent unauthorized usage.
==> Turn on the wireless functionality on your laptop computer, Android, iPad or whatever device you want to browse on.
==> Connect the wireless to your blackberry hotspot and enjoy cheap browsing with as low as N1000.

As at when posting this, GLO bis is the cheapest way to browsing on any device, we will communicate to you via NGStudents if something new comes out.


  1. Hahahaha I was expecting something else, I’m presently using glo bis now only dat d glo sim is in my android device n it’s working perfectly, der are few steps doh which doesn’t require a blackberry, all y nid is a laptop for temporarily use, a glo sim, 1000 airtime, and ur android device dats all, infact I’m posting dis with d glo subscription on my android


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