Few days back, Infinix mobile just released a new software update for the infinix hot note x551 android phone.

Although, you probably will not get a prompt notification of this update on your phone home screen, you should see the update when you navigate to the OTA update page.

Based on speculations and reviews i have been reading online lately, it is been said that the update could brick your infinix hot note phone if it is already rooted.

Personality, i have upgraded my infinix hot note phone to the latest software update and the device wasn’t bricked in any way. However, I had to first unroot the device before updating so I could be on the safer side.

infinix hot note latest software update

As we already shared on this blog, rooting the infinix hot note x551 android phone is very easy. As a matter of fact, i realized rooting the device became much faster after updating.

So, Here’s My Advice

If you intend updating your infinix hot note x551 android phone to the latest update, i would advise you unroot the device first before updating.

We had shared a post on how to unroot any android phone and this works on the hot note flawlessly. If you missed it, you can find it here. You can choose to root the phone again after updating and the device won’t brick.

New Features From The Infinix Hot Note Software Update

There are really no much significant changes as regards the update. To those speculating that the update is the android 5.0 lollipop, please that’s not true.

It’s still same 4.4.2 kitkat OS. Lollipop update hasn’t been introduced to the device yet.

I noticed a difference in the notification tray on the device. The quick functions like the sound recorder, stopwatch etc available on the notification tray are no longer present.

The basic improvement I will give credit to is the ability to now swipe songs while the device is locked. Before now, you cannot next or previous a song while the device is locked.

You would have to unlock the device before you can actually change songs.

However, as a result of the latest update, you can now change songs even while the device is locked as a music widget is present on the lock screen when music is ongoing.

If you would still love to update your device to the latest update, you can navigate to settings > About Phone > System Updates.

So far so good, no defects nor bugs. I am not just too comfortable with the quick features present on the notification tray, now removed. Otherwise, everything else is fine.


  1. my boss in the office asked me to
    help him upgrade his infinix x510 OS which I did, but
    after upgrading the phone I discovered that when calls
    come in it would only show the number but the name
    won’t appear. please what is the problem.

  2. sam,plssssssss for God’s sake help me ooo
    Root integrity check

    1)Error:/system/usr/icu/icusuflag.conf is new it is created on fri jan 9 07:50:40 1970.

    2)Error:/system/xbin/ku.sud is new it is created on fri jan 9 07:50:40 1970.

    3)Error:/system/wlan/uid is new it is created on fri jan 9 07:50:40 1970.

    Found a root file,ku.sud
    Found a root file,rt.sh
    Found a root file,icusuflag.conf
    Error:found 7 new files.
    Error:found 3 root files.

    Tablet system check FAIL!!

    i saw dat on my infinix hot note wen i checked for d root integrity check,so pls is my fone ok or sometin is wrong with it.help me need question reply

  3. mornin sam,pls i notice some weird behaviour on my hot note,pls can i do factory settings or wat.but av once rooted it before and now av unrooted it so am i free to factory or my phone will brick,need ur advise tanx God bless.

  4. sup sam i mistakely press d volume+ and power key and it appear ‘no command’so it display some highlight dat:,
    reboot phone
    wipe user data/factory reset
    wipe caches
    backup user data
    restore user data
    root integrity check
    wen i click on root integrity it analyse some things dat i dnt understand and later display
    3 rooted files found
    7 new files found and av unroot d phone,d funniest part was dat wen i press reboot system nw it restart and boot to d normal and i was surprised. my question is,is my fone alright and hw can i remove dose rooted files completely. pls nid quick respond.

  5. sam mornin hw was ur nyt,hope everything is fine.plsssss i nid ur helpdnt knw wat really happen to my hot note ba3 it deduce alot nw before,wen i charge to 100% in d nyt so wen i wake up it wil still be in 100% but nw wen i left it in 100% so by d tym i woke up it will around 87,88,89 dont knw y dis is happenin.pls help me is anything d mata ppls help.

  6. My infinix 551hotnote sometimes looses netwrk and displays only emergency calls,this started when i flashd it,it was already rooted by thn,i upgrded to lolipop and nw facing the problem of an invalid IMEI,kindly help me out

  7. abeg sam,dis tweaking is not working again.pls help oo wenever i tweak i receive dis msg:-

    Dear customer, Please be informed that this offer has ended. To enjoy uninterrupted access to the MTN Network, please recharge with an all-in-one card. Thank you! so help oo sam wat cn i do

  8. is bcus some apps nid root permission inorder to stop dem,so will rooting damage it or not jus help me out wit good advise. tanx

    • Rooting doesn’t actually damage a phone. However, if you would want to upgrade the OS in the future, you may experience issues except you unroot.


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