Remember the Jumia Black Friday sales which took place around late year? Something similar or probably better is happening very soon and it is called the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. Simply put, Jumia Megathon!

So much has been talked about in regards the Jumia mobile week. We’ve often seen it on Facebook, twitter, read it on the news and some tech blogs like this in Nigeria and evidently, they are both arriving on same point and that is the fact that, we are expecting the lowest prices on mobile phones sales from various brands during the Jumia Megathon week.

Jumia Mobile week magathon

It’s a week of sales splash and when Jumia is involved, you can expect something really cool. If you are looking at getting a new phone, changing the current phone you are using, upgrading your mobile phone or perhaps, adding another mobile device to your current collection of phones, i would sincerely advise that you wait for the Jumia Mobile week megathon. You can thank me later for that simple advice *smiles…

The Jumia Mobile Week Megathon will commence from the 1st of June till on the 7th and for each day, you’d be getting awesome deals on mobile phones from specific brands. Just a quick run down on the dates and the brands, 1st of June is going to feature awesome deals on mobile phones from Innjoo. 2nd of June is going to be deals on mobile phones from Infinix mobility, 3rd of June is from Tecno Mobile, 4th is from Apple, 5th is from Lenovo, 6th is from Samsung and 7th day of June are cool mobile deals from LG.

Jumia mobile week megathon calendar

What’s More? You’d be getting 3GB of data instantly from MTN on every device bought, free whatsapp for 6 months plus free Music Streaming for one month with MTN Music+ app. Really cool right?

Remember the infinix Zero 2 and the innjoo fire android phones are gonna be released soon? This should be a great opportunity for you to grab them at much affordable prices. Please remember, you have to be fast in getting these deals before others do and if you want to be ahead of the game, I would advice that you download the Jumia App on your android, Blackberry, Windows or iOS phones. You can visit the Jumia megathon page here for more details.



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