Today is the first day of the much talked about Jumia mobile week megathon. We even talked on the event and we clearly stated that it will begin from today been 1st to 7th of June, 2015. There is a calendar and the calendar clearly states the deals from different brands from daily basis.

For today the 1st of June, 2015, Jumia will be giving cool discounts on innjoo phones for as low as 50% off the normal price.

I just got a text message from Jumia while I was busy doing my findings on the cost of sales so far and i decided to share with you the fastest time i can. If you are stumbling on this post before 4PM today 1st of June, 2015, count yourself lucky because there are chances you will be getting the innjoo fire and the innjoo one android phones for 50% off the initial price.

See The JUMIA Mobile Week 50% Off Voucher Code On Innjoo Phones Below

Jumia Mobile week voucher for innjoo phones

The image above is quite explanatory but if you still do not understand it, it simply means you can get the innjoo one and the innjoo fire android phones for half of the initial price. The Innjoo One currently sells for N29999. Using the coupon code ‘One102‘ you will get the device for half the price.

For the innjoo fire, the device currently sells for N177000. Using the coupon code ‘FIRE102‘, you will get the device from Jumia for half the price.

Where Can I Buy The Innjoo Fire and Innjoo Android Phones On Jumia?

I have had to make the work easier for you by providing a direct link to the page on jumia where you can those mobile phones. Click Here To Buy the innjoo phones on Jumia. Just be sure to enter the above vouchers during check out so that the discount could be applied.

Act fast! Remember, the fastest finger gets the huge discount. This could just be the best time to get the android phone you’ve always wanted for a huge discount.

Tomorrow is 2nd and it’s basically for Infinix Phones. Hence, if you are looking at getting infinix phones for awesome prices, watch out for tomorrow. I will try my best to give you every information in regards cheap coupons (vouchers) to be used as soon as I get them.


  1. Hi,please I will love it if you can update me of the time and coupon code to use to get the Tecno phone today. I tried my best but was unable to get the infinix yesterday, I did it in the morning and yet the code wasn’t recognized. Will appreciate it If you can help out. Thanks

    • okay ben. Will be doing that in a bit. BTW, the infinix zero 2 device isn’t yet released hence you can’t find it on Jumia now.

  2. Oga Sam. Unna welidon. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the latest info. If I didn’t get this Injoo phone today, does that mean I won’t get the discount if I placed my order tomorrow? thanks for your prompt response.

    • Anonymous, if you do not get them within the time frame, you won’t be able to get it the next day at that discount rate.


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