Hello Buddy, First of all let me wish you a Happy New Month as we step into the second half of 2014 and in same vein, introduce you to the July 2014 Method on how to use MTN BIS subscription on android phones using droidvpn.

During the course of the months past, we have experienced a few free browsing tricks. The most recent was the airtel free browsing cheat rocking on both PC and android which lasted a couple of weeks before airtel engineers woke up from their slumber which we thought would last more longer.

Either ways, life goes on. Glo and Airtel BIS subscriptions have been rocking perfectly on android and PC devices and now, we’d like to introduce that of MTN Nigeria.

use mtn bis subscription on android with droidvpn

How Do I Use MTN BIS On Android?

First and foremost, you will need droidvpn application installed on your phone. Just launch the Google Play store app on your phone and search for droidVPN.

Please note: For devices running android OS below 4.0, you will be required to root your android device. For android OS 4.0+ device users, you are good to go.


==> Launch the DroidVPN app and navigate to settings.
==> Click on connections and choose TCP
==> Having done that, configure using the following settings:
==> UDP as 53, TCP as 5222
==> Bind Local as 1100
==> When done with those, Go to Http Header settings in droidVPN and configure using the following parameters:
==> Host: web.blackberry.com
==> X-Host: web.blackberry.com
==> Enable Proxy and tick enable IP, Proxy should be and port should be 8080.

Now, configure your android normal internet settings using the following settings:

APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
proxy and Port should be left empty.

When done configuring using the steps above, you can now use your ongoing MTN BIS Subscription on your Android Device. If you are thinking of subscribing to MTN BIS to confirm this trick, i would advice you start out with the daily BIS Plan.

Based on information, the MTN Daily BIS plan gives 3GB and goes for N120 and monthly BIS plan gives you same 3GB. However, please note that DroidVPN trial account is capped with 100MB daily while premium users can surf unlimited till their grandfather calls them and decides to go off the internet.

In subsequent post, i will be sharing with you a trick on how to use droidvpn premium server for free.

For glo users, GLO BIS Subscription still rocks for PC, android and other devices with wireless feature. Just follow this post to learn how to enjoy glo bis on PC, android, iPad and other devices.



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