So, it’s finally here! Infinix Note 2 x600 users can now have android marshmallow 6.0 OS on their smartphones or wait for it to arrive on their devices.

Couple of weeks back, we announced that infinix is testing out marshmallow update for the infinix note 2 device and at the time, they needed more testers. Finally, the update is now gradually being rolled out to infinix note 2 x600 smartphone users.

infinix note 2 gets marshmallow upgrade

The update is currently available now and can be flashed into the phone. You can visit the infinix forum page here for more information on that.

However, if you’d prefer an OTA (Over the Air) update instead of the task that comes with flashing in the ROM into the phone, infinix says it’s being rolled out gradually. Hence, you’d have to wait till it gets to your phone.

Infinix note 2 running android marshmallow OS update

Basically, these are what the new update brings about:

  • Device will upgrade to android Marshamllow XUI 1.N.3.0
  • XACCOUNT registration added to startup guide.
  • Screen Record upgraded to V1.0; record toggle added to notification bar.
  • Fixed issue where front camera cannot be accessed by non-system apps.
  • Added video call (only usable if SIM card supports this function).
  • Fixed one-hand mode malfunction
  • Fixed issue where Direct Call widget does not display contact avatar.
  • Removed pin number notification from pulldown bar when Mobile Anti-Theftis activated.
  • Fixed button overlap with “Just once – Always” and “Home- Back”.
  • Battery percentage added to pulldown bar.
  • Added quick wallpaper swap for enhanced customization.Long press theIdle interface, select a key switch wallpaper from the widget
  • Added Xshare function with QR delivery.
  • Optimized communication module interaction and visuals.
  • Optimized system stability and performance while fixing other issues.

Just a quick note, the Marshmallow 6.0 update is based on infinix’s XUI and that could mean getting more features than the stock version. If any bug is experienced, please feel free to share using comments.


  1. Hello, please if there is update on infinix x551 to Marshmallow 6.0 and I want to update. I have root my phone and does that mean I will flash my phone then upgrade and if I do, will I loose all my data on phone. In short, I want to ask if there is anyway to back up everything on phone before doing this and reinstate them back after update. Thank you and keep the gulped work.

    • Ademola, upgrading via flashing will wipe every of your file on the phone. You can back up your files by moving all of them to an SD card or your PC and when done flashing, you move them back. You can use some backup/restore app in backing up and restoring your installed apps and games.

    • Dave, there is no light for marshmallow on that device yet. However, we just have to keep our ears to the ground.


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