Infinix Hot X507 was officially launched on the 14th of November, 2014. Although the phone has been launched, it isn’t out on sale yet. The phone will be out on sale from the 21st of November 2014.

Just before we head over to the price at which the infinix hot cost, let’s talk more on the device in terms of specification. You should check out the specification before choosing to either buy the device or not when it finally goes on sale.

I honestly wouldn’t want to say if this is an upgrade or a downgrade to the infinix zero. However, there is an improvement in the battery life span. The Infinix Zero battery capacity is 1920mAh while the Hot X507 is 2000mAh.

Infinix Hot X507 Specifications

For those who care about size, the infinix hot has got a 5.0 IPS Screen which is 5.0 inch. Talking about Quad Core, it’s got 1.3GHZ processor, runs on android 4.4.2 which is android Kitkat Version.

Talking about appearance and colour, Infinix hot body is made of textures which should make you feel the difference in your palm and comes in 5 basic color variants to choose from; Red, Yellow, Green, White and Black.

Talking about Camera, if Megapixel grade counts to you, infinix zero camera is better. Infinix zero boasts of 13MP back camera but in the case of the Hot, it comes with 5MP back camera and 2MP front camera.

Below are the Full Specifications of the Infinix Hot X507 Device:

Network: 3G/2G
Operating System: Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
Body Dimensions: 142.4 * 73.2 * 10.1mm
Display: 5.0″ Touch Screen.

View Image Below For Complete Specifications:

Infinix Hot full specs and Price

Current Price of Infinix Hot X507 In Nigeria

During the course of the official launch of the device, the infinix Hot X507 was announced to sell for N12900 (Twelve thousand, nine hundren Naira).

Availability Of The Device

As earlier stated, the device isn’t currently on sale. However, sales of the Infinix Hot X507 will commence from the 21st of November, 2014.


  1. But a flip cover pouch would reduce the chances of cracking, right? And is it true the infinix hot doesn’t have a memory card slot?

    • Yes. Using a flip reduces the risk of demage to the body. As for the screen, you can make use of screen guard.

      As for whether or not the infinix hot has an SD slot, yes. You can use a memory card with the phone.

    • Please verify that the SIM card is good by putting it on another phone. If the sim is good and it’s still not detecting on your phone, then the phone’s sim slot may have gone bad.

  2. Sammy I fink the phone is kul(infinix hot)I jux don’t like the 5mega-pixel grading,they should have left it at 13mega-pixel like zero.its not sharp enough.

    • Well, considering the price, i think the specs just fits in. Using Camera360 app, you should experience better pics on the hot device.

  3. Hello Sammy,

    I for instance was very much interested in the price behind ‘HOT’ and for it going for almost 13k naira and with the sort of features its made of, I think its cool.


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