It’s been over two weeks since we got the Infinix Hot X507 android phone and we’d consider it as enough time to put up a full review on the android phone. We decided to term the phone as been fast, sleek, elegant and affordable because it really is. Honestly, I would have used the tag ‘a phone that beats it’s cost’ but considering the mobile market competition, that could be a false. However, we just can’t deny the fact that the phone is truly fast, sleek in design, elegant in look and feel and for way lesser than N15000 (100 USD), it’s truly affordable.

Earlier before now, we had written the full specification and features of the infinix hot X507 phone and few days back, we gave a detailed report which showed the unboxing of the device and a quick review. Ordinarily, this post is probably not supposed to be complex considering everything that has been said before now but here, it’s a Full Review.

Infinix HOT X507 Full Review

We won’t be talking much on the look and feel of the infinix hot android device because we already did when we unboxed the device and gave a quick review. We’d advise that you take out time to read the post if you haven’t.

infinix hot x507 phone

Something we probably failed to mention on the quick review post is that the device has got dual sim. Not just dual sim, you have a choice to choosing between using a nano sim or a normal sim card as both port are available and you can choose to use both. More-so, Somewhere on the internet, I heard most people say the device hasn’t got a memory card slot and here on this post, I’d like to officially declare that as been false. The infinix hot supports memory card up to 32GB and it’s port is situated at the back of the device where the sim cards are located.

Back of the infinix hot x507 phone
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Without wasting much time, let’s head over to the pros and cons of the infinix hot device. Please note that this full review is based on my usage of the device so far. You should know that for everything that’s got advantages, there are also disadvantages.

Prons Of The Infinix Hot X507 Phone

Multitasking is good and fast: If you have used a lot of android devices, saying a device runs on 1GB RAM isn’t enough to justify the device to be fast. Like in the case of the samsung galaxy note 1, although it runs on 1GB Ram, the device isn’t that fast neither is it so good with multitasking. In the case of the infinix hot phone, it runs on 1GB RAM and I just got to admit that the device is good and multitasking is awesome.

Camera Quality is Good: May I remind you that the infinix hot X507 phone is packed with a back camera of 5MP and a front camera of 2MP. Even at that, the camera quality is cool. It’s even better when using the camera360 application. Below are some pictures snapped using the back camera.

Picture snapped using the infinix hot camera
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Infinix hot camera pics
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Picture snapped using infinix hot back camera
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Comes With Pre-Installed Apps and Games: For those who wouldn’t want to do much downloads before enjoying their device, the device comes with some pre-installed apps and games. Some of the pre-installed apps are Konga, Facebook. Google Drive, Gmail, Flash share, carlcare, hangouts, viber, palm chat, etc and some of the pre-installed games are Asphalt 7, Assasin’s Creed III, Danger Dash, GT Racing 2.

Device is fast and isn’t Laggy: As earlier stated, it runs on a 1GB RAM with a 1.3 GHz Guadcore processor. With such specs, the device isn’t laggy in operation and gaming is sweet with its 5.0 inch screen size.

Battery Life Is Moderate: The Infinix Hot X507 android phone comes with a battery capacity of 2000mAh. Based on my usage so far, the battery life is moderate. It could last more than a day if using it for it’s basic functions (calls and text messages). With 3G turned on and internet connection enabled alongside pinging, chatting, browsing at certain intervals, the device lasts well over 8hours.

Cons Of The Infinix Hot X507 Phone

Loud Speaker Volume Isn’t Impressive: I really don’t know if am too used to loud speakers as few people around me has certified the speaker volume to be OKAY while I think its Not. The loud speaker is placed on the back of the device and to me, the sound volume isn’t impressive. Most times, when am kinda distant from the phone, I won’t hear it ringing especially when its placed on a foam.

Pre-installed Games are Demo: For game lovers who are attracted by the fact that the device comes pre-installed with some cool games, please be aware that they are just demo games. You will need to download their full versions if you are impressed with them.

Flash Light as Torch Light isn’t great: In the country we are, we most times, tend to use our phones as an alternative to torch light. In the case of the infinix hot device, I am not impressed with the light quality. I personally think it needs to be more brighter. Although its cool at it’s current level, i sincerely think making it brighter wouldn’t be a bad idea.

No Light On Soft Function Keys: The infinix hot x507 uses soft function keys and I really do not know if this is a defect based on my own personal device. however, a friend just ordered for one from Konga and I should be able to confirm when she receives it. But for the mean time, I still have to stick to the fact that light isn’t displayed on the soft functional keys. Hence, for those who ain’t used to the function keys, they may have some difficulty during night times when trying to navigate through the device.

No LED Notification Light: If you were expecting to see an LED notification feature on the infinix hot like the innjoo note, blackberry or other devices, sorry this device hasn’t got it.

Verdict On The Infinix Hot Phone

Considering the prons and cons of the device, whether or not you still want to go for it is totally your decision to make. However, based on my experience with the device so far, I just got to admit that the device is awesome and if am to compare the device with other devices I’ve used, the device is awesome for its price and I would advise anyone who wish to get it, to get it if they can cope with the cons.

Current Price Of The Infinix Hot X507 Phone and Where To Buy?

The android phone currently costs just N13400 (Thirteen Thousand, Four hundred Naira only) and you can order it from Konga. You can choose to pay on delivery and it can be delivered to anywhere in the country even to your village. Don’t forget you also get free 500MB from etisalat when you purchase the device. Click the buy now button below to place your order.

As at when posting this, only the black and yellow color of the device is available on Konga. Although, when the covers are been put on sale, you can choose to change to whatever color you’d prefer from the five as it is very easy to change.


    • Dami, for the fact that a phone is said to pack 16GB storage, you should expect a lower available storage space. This is as a result of the apps and other bloat-wares that comes pre-installed on the phone.

  1. Hello Samuel

    I must say you are an expert in phone reviews.

    Really I’ve never held this phone with this hands of mine, but with this review of yours, i know exactly what to expect in Infinix hot x507.

    The camera I think is not really that great, but sharp for a phone withing the price range.

    As for the Soft Keys Light you talked about, I recently ordered for one of this for a friend from Konga last week, which is still on the way. And Once it arrives I will update you on that.

    But for the main time, that may simply be a fault and not a general issue. As one Innjoo i1s user recently made similar complaint of Faulty Soft Key Light on my Blog.

    Uche Francis!


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