The launch event for the anticipated Infinix HOTTest One is holding tomorrow at the Landmark Centre, Lekki. We are going to be at the event live and you can trust that we will be sharing with you, a detailed report as to how the event went.

Earlier today, while surfing the web, i came across some specifications which was said to be that of the Infinix Hot 2 which is also believed to be the HOTTest One. Although no concrete prove as to whether or not the report is true, it sounded rather convincing. At least, for the fact that most people tend to believe that the Infinix HOTTest One is an upgrade to the infinix Hot X507 android phone.

infinix hot 2, hottest one specs

From the specs stated in the image above, the device is a 5.0-inch HD capacitive touchscreen display, with an 8MP back camera and 2MP camera. The device also runs on the android 5.1 lollipop OS and runs on a battery capacity of 2200mAh.

Infinix Hot 2 (HOTTest One) Full Phone Specifications

Infinix hot 2 android smartphone

[aps_product_specs id=”9334″]

As earlier stated, it is not yet clear whether or not, the specs above is what infinix intends to unveil tomorrow. However, news has it that infinix is in works with Google to releasing android one smartphones which guarantees lower prices and the specs above ‘may’ just be one of the devices from the android one project. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed. Within the next 24 to 28 hours, we should have a concrete evidence as to what the infinix HOTTest One looks like alongside it’s specifications and pricing in Nigeria.


  1. Please how can I register an Emergency number on the phone such that even if the phone is locked you can still call the emergency number?

  2. hi Samwel,I want to know exactly if all infinix hot 2 (x510) have got 2GB RAM or its depend on one you wish to have.more so how about their prices,are there any difference?please may you give me advice according to your concerns coz I want to buy as soon as possible.

  3. I bought a Toshiba dual USB otg flash drive and I connected it to my hot 2 but it didn’t work. I tested the other side of the flash on a pc and it worked…. Please why is the otg not working on the Infinix hot 2 when it is stated on the specification that otg is supported…. Please is there a solution or do I need to root the phone.. Thanks

    • Raheem, don’t mind the misinformation from the brand. Testing OTG on our device didn’t work as well. Hence, OTG doesn’t work on the device.

  4. hi samuel,i intend to buy the INNJOO NOTE smart phone.please give me expert advice about this phone concerning reliability .my friends here are giving me contradicting views yet they dont even know this smart phone well.i want to buy it this week

    • Tonni, please if you are making reference to changing imei on the phone, YES. We just published a tutorial which covers that.


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