It has come to my notice that people have been asking how they could use their BlackBerry bis (BlackBerry internet service) on their PC computer, android device, iPad etc and I’d like to talk on that here.

Using bis on PC hasn’t been so flexible as it used to be but whatever the case maybe, airtel and glo bis still works on PC.

As at now, MTN bis and etisalat bis don’t work on PC hence we aren’t gonna be talking on those. Instead we’d talk on those that work, which are glo and airtel BlackBerry internet service.

How To Use Airtel BIS on PC and Android

Yes, airtel bis works flawlessly on PC, android and other devices but it’s got its downside also. And that’s d fact that it consumes MB in a way I really cannot explain.

How To Use Glo and Airtel BIS On PC, Android, iPad

Oh well, whether or not it consumes mb in a fast pace or not isn’t what we are discussing here. I just felt like chipping that in and i hope you didn’t mind? *winks.

Steps To Use Airtel BIS

==> Subscribe to an airtel BIS plan, either the daily, weekly or monthly will do.
==> After successful subscription, configure your PC, android or any other device internet settings, using the following parameters;

Name: TechsNG or anything else
Dial Number: *99# (not necessary for an android or other mobile devices)
Username and password: internet

And you are good to go.

How To Use GLO BIS on PC, Android, iPad ETC

Recently, I wrote a post which talked on the cheapest method to browsing on PC computer, android and more.

On the said post, I practically showed how you could use N1000 for glo bis subscription to browse on PC. However, you would need a blackberry phone with hotspot functionality before it can work.

In other to save us from repeating what we had said before, if you missed that post, you can read it here.

Having known how to use your glo bis or airtel bis to browse on computer, android and other devices, wouldn’t it be nice to let others know?

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  1. Please am using bb bold5 an I have d glo bis subscription… The first time I used the hotspot wiith my pc it worked fine for 2 days… Then I tried again it didn’t work… What can I do please!!!

  2. Just subscribed for 3G for 1K on my Z30, received a text “dera subscriber your blackberry service has been activated. Please call blackberry help desk on 08051234567 or 333 or send a mail to [email protected] for assistance”. Don’t seem to understand pls.

    • Tolux, that means the plan has been activated. All you need do is enjoy your subscription on your bb10 phone.

  3. The glo blackberry plan can be shared using hotspot with. Computer and any phones. I normally do that with ny neighbor laptop

    • Do you mind sharing how you do that? Because to the best of my understanding, only bb10 phones can actually share glo bis plan via hotspot.

  4. Was surfing through the net and saw tis link. Can the glo bis plan work on an android? And can I use the plan on the android as a hotspot for my laptop? Also does the hotspot process drain more data? Thanks for you reply

    • The glo bis can work on android by simply changing it’s IMEI. However, it cannot be shared via hotspot from an android device except using a bb10 phone.

  5. Glo bis works on PC when you connect a bb phone to your PC via USB cable and using the blackberry desktop software alongside. It also works directly on modem. <br />The APN to use on both is: <br />BUT I am sorry the glo bis doesn't work through hotspot


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