In as much as an android OS is the best mobile OS so far, it’s open source and for that fact, there are chances an android device can easily get bricked if some things are not done right.

We’ve often be told that rooting an android phone can accidentally brick a phone, although the chance of an android phone been Bricked via rooting is very low, installing misappropriate custom fonts can brick a device so also deleting system files can damage an android phone.

Oh well, what can brick an android phone isn’t the basics here. Let’s proffer a solution and in the case here, we would be looking on how to repair a Bricked Infinix Hot x507 Android phone.

fix bricked infinix hot x507 phone

Requirements For Repairing A Bricked Infinix Hot X507 Phone:

  • CMW Recovery installed on your phone
  • An SD Card
  • Stock rom

Steps to Fixing Bricked Infinix Hot x507 Android Phone

==> First and foremost, you should download the infinix hot x507 stock rom here

==> When done downloading, copy it to your SD card and make sure the SD card is present in your phone.

==> Boot to your phone’s recovery and install the downloaded stock rom on your SD card. If you are used to installing custom roms, this shouldn’t be new to you.

Below Is A Step By Step Guide:

==> Power off your phone and press power button + volume up button together until the recovery menu is displayed.

==> Using the volume bottom of your phone, scroll to wipe data/factory reset. When done with that, choose to wipe cache partition. When done with that, Mount and storage / format system. After that, advance / wipe dalvik cache.

==> When done with all of those, return back to the main screen using the volume button and the power button. Choose to install zip from SD Card.

==> Now select the stock rom you downloaded to your SD card and choose to install.

==> Wait till the installation process is complete and then reboot your phone.

Following the above process squarely, you should be able to successfully repair a Bricked Infinix Hot x507 Android phone. In subsequent posts, we will be sharing with you, how to fix a Bricked Infinix Hot Note x551 Android phone and if any questions, please use the comment form and a response will be made as soon as possible.


  1. I just but an infinix phone and it does not power on even if it mistakenly powers on the touchscreen does not function. Secondly it keeps on coming up and down with vibration until the battery gets finished

    • Hi Paul,

      If you just got it, there’s a chance it’s still under warranty. I will advise you take it back to where you purchased it from and ask for possible solution like repairs or replacement.

  2. Hello!
    My infinix x507 can’t power on after screen replacement. When ever I plug it to charge it vibrates occasionally. I even tried using ear piece, I’d hear a cracking sound just as you would hear when trying to use your ear piece but the device can’t power on. I tried a tutorial but my PC notify me that my USB cord cannot be recognized maybe due to faulty device.

    Pls, I need urgent replay. Thanks!

  3. Mr Sam, my phone got bricked but just flashed d stock rom back and its now working perfectly. I received an update message now, so I want to ask DAT if I shld update it hope it will not brick my phone again??

  4. My phone is infinix x507 system updating time phone has stopped also no command option available how to solve the problem please please……

  5. Pls mr samuel(admin), I need ur help concerning my bricked infinix hot x507, am in lagos I don’t knw how I can reach u here’s my no 08135998947 pls call I Will somuch appreciate tanks in anticipation.

  6. Pls my infinix hot x507 while updating d system was not booting again pls wat can I do to it? Since d phn is not booting all d tutorials I don’t understand how it works, is flashing d phn d solution or wat? Pls somebody help am hot and unhappy as I am. Thanks

  7. please sir, my infinix x507 keeps on going back by itself, sometimes, if I am playing games or browsing it will go back to the homepage, and there is one app “back” I keep on seeing in running apps. what can I do please?

  8. Good Morning Sam, my Infinix X507 has a network issue, network comes and goes every time. cant use it 2 browse. i can be on call and the network will disappear. pls help….. thank you, anticipation

  9. i try chanring my infinix x507 rom to 5.0.1 so at d long run it bricks and i try to unbrick it whice the phone stop coming up so i need solution bcos i am phoneless for nw…… my number 07066555398

  10. how to hard reset infinix hot x507, i’ve tried to press the upper volume and power but it does’nt work. do have anay suggestions? please i really need it. thank you

  11. pls sir ,my infinix hot got bricked when i tried to upgrade using the phone system update and it also rooted and i didnt backup the recovery with CWM…PLS HELP SIR…I have a is my contact and email.08109599051,[email protected]


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