How To Get Notified On Facebook When A Friend Post An Update On Facebook

Do you know you can actually be following a friend’s status updates, links and what ever a friend posts without he or she tagging you on the update?

Facebook has added a feature that allows you get notified via your notification page and on your homepage when ever a friend or some number of friends update their status update, links, photos etc without the friend knowing about this.

Sounds interesting, right?

I sincerely do not have an idea of how long this has been in existence but not until recently i researched and realized how to get this done and also option out of it.

Get Notified On Facebook When A Friend Post An Update On Facebook

How To Get Notified When a Friend posts a New Update

Have you come across the phrase ‘close friends‘ on facebook? OK, that’s exactly what it is.

When you add friends to the close friends category, you will automatically be notified when your close friends posts a new update.

How To Option Out

Yep, i understand that this could later be disturbing especially if your close friends keep posting updates every now and then.

To option out is simply to remove the friend from your close friend category, this does not remove them from your friends-list but only prevents you from getting further notifications about their updates.

OK, i understand that this tutorial isn’t complete because i haven’t posted how to add and remove friends from close friends categories. Let me quickly rush in to that asap.

How To Add Friends To Close Friend Category

1. Visit the friends profile, highlight your mouse pointer over the friends option to display a drop down options
2. Click on close friends and you are done.

Here is a Screenshot for easy understanding

To confirm that the friend is added to close friend, you will notice a star sign next to the phrase Friends like this.

How To Remove A friend From Close friends Category On Facebook

Simply follow same process above and click on the close friend option again.

Hope that went well for you? kindly drop comments.

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