Are you looking out for a way on how to check your airtel blackberry data bundle balance?  Or the code you usually use in checking the status of your bb data doesn’t seem to show you want to see? Then I have got a solution for you.

Before now, the code I use to use in checking airtel blackberry data balance is *123*10#. Few weeks back before my tablet and modem were stolen and before the airtel 4GB for 1500 subscription bundle was stopped, I subscribed to the airtel 4GB data bundle. Tried checking using the normal code but all to no avail. I reached out to a friend who is also a follower of this blog and he updated me on the new code and that has been working since.

Airtel blackberry plan users willing to check their balance status should dial ×123×9#. That will display how much data you have left.

check airtel blackberry data plan

Now, just a quick recap. Airtel 4GB plan which costs 1500 and valid for 60 days has been stopped. The 2GB plan which costs same 1500 with a validity period of 30 days still works and you can use it on any device without any special tweak.

However, airtel just released a new data bundle called ‘Always On‘. You get 1MB for 5 naira daily to start off the day and when that 1MB is exhausted, you get charged just 1 koba per kilobyte. I will probably talk more on that in subsequent posts.

Hope this posts comes in handy in helping you check your airtel blackberry data plan balance?


  1. I subscribe 1500 for BlackBerry data,but couldn’t have access to see the balance, I use *123*9#. It gave the fmr balance I have.

  2. Hi. I did the 3gig/1k data plan and I’ve tried checking my data balance using *123*9# but it keeps saying I have 0.00mb left. Pls how else can I check? Thanks.

    • Henrie, most Mifi(s) i know of, are locked to their own sim. I am not quite sure any BIS plan in Nigeria will work on them.


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