How I Requested A Reissue Of A Google Adsense Check

It feels nice sharing my experiences on this blog and today i am sharing with you my experience on how i requested a re-issue of one of my Google Adsense check.

If you are a frequent follower of this blog you would agree with me that i have talked quite alot on making money using google adsense and that is exactly what i do through blogging.

How to request new Google Adsense Check

Now let’s see it this way, what if you are an already approved google adsense user and you finally made it to the payout amount which is €70 (equivalent to $100 if using a US account or you switched to a US account) and you where finally issued a check based on your earnings but later realized you had made a mistake probably in your account details, payment type, payee name or something important, what would you do?

Request A Google Adsense Check Re-issue

Yes, that is the next step to do and i did exactly just that.

Wondering how i did mine? Relax and follow me as i show you exactly how i pulled that off.

At first, i visited the google support page for google adsense check reissue. Therein, i properly filled every information required like payment number, payment date, Google Adsense email address, Google Adsense publisher ID and other required information.

After properly filling the form and submitting it, i was replied through my Google Gmail account informing that it has been taken into account. Adding that i should be patient till a certain date.

After that, a stop was put into the check i requested a reissue thereby crediting the earnings to the previous month earnings which was to be issued late that particular month and it was done.

I finally got the new check along the previous one and with the new parameter.

It’s that simple.

Is Google Adsense Checks Still Valid in 2017?


Update: This is more or less, an old post. We are not in anyway saying the tutorial here isn’t valid anymore. Depending on the situation, it still is. However, publishers in most countries now have the option to get paid via Wire Transfers. Google Adsense publishers in Nigeria for example, can receive their adsense earnings directly into their account.

This isn’t new. It has been existence for years now. Hence the next to put up an update to this existing content.

The account in this case, could be a domiciliary account or a savings account. A domiciliary (foreign) account in this case, is better advised. Therefore, Adsense publishers are advised to consult with their local back on how to create a domiciliary account. Options to input your account details to your Google Adsense account can be found under settings on the Adsense dashboard.

Adsense requires a couple of information including Shift code and sort. All these information, you can get from your local bank.

Questions regarding Google Adsense and how to receive earnings? Please, feel free to use the comment session for related questions.

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