While Airtel isn’t done dishing out new data plans and packages for it’s subscribers, some telecommunication companies operating in the country are just acting ghost mood.

Well, Airtel recently picked on MTN (sorta) with it’s new video promoting the welcome to Airtel plan. A plan that offers new subscribers more than they bargain for – in a good way. New Airtel subscribers basically get 5x the value of every recharge done.

get 4GB for N1500 on Airtel Network

While that is still buzzing, it has been discovered that you can actually get 4GB of data on the Airtel Network for N1,500 or 6GB for N2,500. Sounds cool yeah?

Okay, as nice as it sounds, there is a gimmick. It basically can be done on a new Airtel SIM as old sims aren’t eligible. Sorry…..but then, getting a new Airtel SIM shouldn’t be a biggy.

Since the introduction of the Welcome To Airtel Package, new airtel sims are automatically on the new package which as earlier stated, allows subscribers to get more than they bargained for.

Why Should You Get A New Airtel SIM?

Well, as earlier stated, the Airtel 4GB for N1,500 and 6GB for N2,500 plan can’t work on old SIMs. If that’s not enough, how about being given a whooping N2,600 bonus when you recharge N1,500? Sounds like a good deal yeah? Now to the real deal!

How To Get Airtel 4GB For N1,500 and 6GB For N,500?

Once you’ve gotten and activated the new Airtel SIM, recharge N1500 using the code *555*rechargePIN# and you will get a bonus of N2,600 which you can use in making Airtel to Airtel calls. Not only that, you get free 1GB data as well.

Just so you know, your recharged N1,500 won’t be deducted and you can thereafter, use it in subscribing to the 3GB Airtel plan by dialing *440*16#. Summing the total data allocated, you have 4GB for just N1500.

How About The Airtel 6GB For N2,500?

Simply recharge N2,500 using the code *555*rechargePIN# and you will get free 1.5GB data as well as a bonus airtime of N3,900 which can be used for Airtel to Airtel calls.

Using the recharged N2,500, dial *437*1# to subscribe to Airtel 4.5GB. Summing up, you would have a total of 6GB. Don’t forget you still have your bonus airtime which is usable for basically Airtel to Airtel calls.

Can This Data Be Used On All Devices?

Yes. The data can be used on every device that’s got internet connectivity feature. Even if you have a Nokia 3310 with internet connectivity enabled lol.

Any Duration On Data Allocated?

Yes. Sadly. While the bonus airtime given is valid for a 14 days period, the data allocated is valid for a max period of 60 days. So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Permit me to make this little correction to the above post:
    Airtel N1,500 airtime gives u 1.5GB data & N3,900 airtel to airtel calls… so if u subscribe for 3GB(*435#) at N1500, you will be blessed with a total of 4.5GB not 4GB while N2500 airtel recharge will yield 2.5GB free data plus 6500 airtel to airtel calls, if you subscribe with the main balance of N2500(*437*1#), then you shall have 4.5GB plus 2.5GB which totals 7GB and not 6GB. Remember this is applicable exclusively & restrictively to new sim cards when you recharge with *555*RechargePIN# and not *126*PIN#
    Thank you


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