Here is How The Glo Weekend And Night Data Plan Works

Other than Airtel which tend to offer different data plans which can be considered very affordable, Glo still rocks my boat.

For those who don’t know, glo offers weekend and night data plans. The night plan cost just N200 and offers 1GB of data space while the weekend plan cost N500 and offers 3GB data space.

The night plan can be used from 12:00am to 5:00am (weekdays) while the weekend plan is valid during Saturdays and Sundays. While glo says the plan is valid for 24 hours, that’s not entirely true (I stand to be corrected though).

Here’s How The Glo Night and Weekend Data Plan

The night plan offers 1GB data plan for N200 and if that’s not exhausted within the valid time frame on the first night, it can be used the following night. If not exhausted the following night, it can be used the other following night. I guess that’s what makes the plan exceptional.

Although I haven’t experimented much with the weekend plan, based on my usage so far, it can be used for 2 weekends. That’s if the user does not exhaust the data allocated the first weekend of course.

Extra Tip: If using a blackberry 10 phone, remember to change the APN to gloflat or glosecure during the night or weekend period so you don’t keep getting charged from your normal bis plan.

So, if you’ve got large files to download using the glo network, the night plan or weekend plan could be the best bet.

Samuel Adeniyi

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  • Please do you have any idea what will happen to my regular glo data plan if I add the glo weekend plan on top? I have loads of stuff to download. Thanks

    • Hi Chukwudi, i think they are usually accumulated. The weekend plan will be used during the weekend while the regular data will be used during regular days. You can call the customer care on 121 for more validation though.

  • I tried it and it worked well..thanks sir..D only thing was that it expired tho I didn’t finish the bundle which is contrary to what you said

  • Thank you very much sir for the tip on the VPN change..I subscribed for d plan and I was still being charged from my normal bis. Thanks sir

    • Faithful, what kinda phone do you use? Blackberry or android (changed imei)? Remember to change the APN to glosecure. That way, you will be charged from the subscribed plan and not bis.

  • Oh! I get. The problem I have here, is that, my phone was rooted. So I’m not so sure if I can use any other plan except for the Blackberry.