On Glo Virtual Data Supermart, You Can Get 1GB For N200 and More

Other than Airtel which tend to be leading in terms of providing cheap and affordable data plans, GLO, to a very large extent, is still making a lot sense compared to other competitors.

Based on the data plans NTEL says it’d be launching with, NTEL may give other telecommunication companies in Nigeria, a run for their money.

While playing through the *777# code on the glo network, I stumbled on a data plan that’s quite fascinating. With just N200, you’d be able to get 1GB of data during night periods. According to glo, the data can be used from 12:01am to 5:59am.

glo virtual data supermart

I actually tried it and YES, it worked. For someone like me who is used to surfing more during the night time and consume quite a lot of data, this certainly comes in handy. It simply means that with just N200, I can surf through the night and watch a few online videos that ain’t too lengthy.

During further research, I realized that the plan is a part of Glo’s Virtual Data Supermart Package.

Other plans available in the Glo’s Supermart package includes;

  • 1.5GB for N1000
  • 3GB for N2000
  • 4.5GB for N2500
  • 6GB for N3000
  • 9GB for N4000
  • 12GB for N5000
  • 24GB for N8000

Doing the maths, you’d realize that the higher the data plan, the lesser the cost. The bundle still offers a data boaster plan offering up to 1GB for N500 for monthly subscribers. Weekend surfers can opt in for the weekend plan (as discussed here) offering 3GB for just N500 which glo terms as ‘Thank God it’s Friday‘ plan.

For heavy internet users like myself who steadily uses the glo network, you would agree with me that this is a good deal. To opt in for any of the above data plans, just dial *777# and follow the onscreen instructions and NO, you do not need to change your phone’s IMEI number in other to use any of the plans stated above.

Samuel Adeniyi

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