Couple of hours back, I published a report saying that Etisalat was testing out it’s 4G LTE network connectivity. Therein, I asked when/if glo will be launching it’s own 4G connectivity soon.

Thankfully, the telecommunication company, today, launched it’s 4G LTE connectivity in Nigeria, and guess what, the plans are very affordable compared to what the ‘yellow people‘ are offering.

glo 4g lte data plans


Glo choosing to launch affordable data plans didn’t exactly come as a surprise. The company has the cheapest data plan thus far. At least, compared to other GSM operators.

The telcomm company launching it’s 4G LTE connectivity option definitely feels like a warming news to those of us who tend to describe the network as being very slow in terms of internet connectivity.

The service however, is being rolled out in stages. It is currently available in a few cities including Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, JOS, Benin.

glo 4g lte coverage

In Lagos, Nigeria, the new connectivity option is only currently available in Lekki, ikoyi, Victoria Island, Ajah and Akoka.

How to subscribe to GLO 4G LTE Data plan

The telcomm offers specific data plans for it’s newly launched 4G connectivity option. Simply dial *777#, choose 1 and thereafter, choose from the listed data plans.

Hopefully in due course, the service will be available to other locations in Lagos as well as other cities and states.



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