Over the years, glo bis plan has been the saving grace for most android phone users and BlackBerry 10 users. Although the plan is a BlackBerry plan, it works on most MTK powered android phones and if using a BB10 phone, you can share the connection to every other device that’s got wireless.

Couple of weeks back, glo decided to introduce CHANGE. A change that apparently didn’t bring forth a positive effect to subscribers. Glo increased the usual bis subscription cost to 1400 from N1000.

glo blackberry bis 2GB for N1000

In other to make up for that, globacom Nigeria has decided to introduce another blackberry bis data plan that offers 2GB of data for N1000.

This should come in handy for those who may not be too boxed-up to pay N1400 for 3GB. On the glo network, you can now get 2GB data bis plan for the old N1000.

However, in my honest opinion, I won’t be going for this plan and may never try it. I mean, that’s like saying N400 gives you additional 1GB data. So, won’t you rather add up N400 to your N1000 and get 3GB data instead of paying N1000 for 2GB?

How To Subscribe?

Well, If you are interested in this plan and would rather stick to paying N1000, simply make sure you have a minimum of N1000 as your airtime balance and dial *777*25# to subscribe.


  1. Sam u get am, the 1,400 for 3G still better pass well well.I quikly usedup d 1.5G sub I did earlier so I can continue wit comonth. E sure pass


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