Globacom, no doubt, offers the cheapest data plans in Nigeria. The telecommunication company first took the spot when it launched very cheap data plans a couple of months back.

Although no other Telecom company operating in Nigeria has been able to beat that (except for nTel who is still struggling with network coverage), Glo has taken its data plans a step higher by increasing the data plans for same price.

Glo updated monthly data plans

The N2000 plan which used to offer 6GB data, has been increased to 7.5GB. Same goes for the N1000 plan which used to be 2GB data.

glo updated monthly data plans and prices

Unfortunately, the N8000 plan which happens to be my favorite, offering 48GB hasn’t changed.

How to subscribe

If this looks very appealing to you and you’d love to get on the train, simply dial *777#, choose data services > buy data > Monthly plans, and choose your preferred data plan.

Now, just before you behind celebrating, a lot of people have frequently complained of the network speed. In fact, glo has earned the slogan ‘slow with pride’.

I personally, haven’t been very impressed with the network lately. Neverthelesa, I still remain loyal to it’s 48GB data plan. And now that the data plans have been revisited, you shouldnt be surprised if the network speed gets worse.

What do you think of the new glo monthly data plan adjustment and what’s the network speed like in your location?


  1. global u try, more esp your bumper data which cost the user little amounts and your call tariffs remain appreciable. in the order hand you have poor network connectivity in Kaduna state here compare to other network. if u can perhaps improves glo network connectivity in Kaduna state and Nigeria entirely, Nigerian mobile phone and internet users will in no time switched to globalcom network. that all from wishing u (globacom) the very best.

    • I am not sure of data zapping on glo. Maybe i am not noticing because i spend a lot of data and i don’t monitor usage. With 48GB of data, who would BTW! 馃檪


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