While some people are trying to get over the effect of the new cost of dollar that’s declining by the day, glo is increasing the cost of it’s BIS subscription.

While surfing through the internet, I stumbled on a related report. The report stated that glo has changed the code for subscribing to it’s bis plan but that’s not true. Sending COMONTH to 777 still works. What has actually changed is the cost.

GLO BIS New subscription charge

Before now, glo bis subscription costs just N1000 for 3GB of data but now, it costs N1500 for same 3GB of data. What I find rather not nice is the fact that there was no prior notice even till date. No text message, no announcement from Glo Nigeria, nothing. Anyway, thank God you have TechsNG :-D.

Glo BIS, to most people, have been a saving grace. If using a BB10 phone, glo bis is or should I say, used to be the cheapest data plan but the new price hick at this time isn’t really cool. Bad timing glo! Bad timing!!

Point is, sending comonth to 777 still works if you want to subscribe. However, please be sure to have a minimum of N1500 in your credit balance because N1000 no longer works. At least for now.


  1. Your info came a little too late for me coz I had to sub for the 1.5G wit 1000k.Besides, the new rate is 1,400 not 1,500 for 3G as u said check by dialling *777#. I always follow this blog bumper to bumper so Pls if possible try to update us sharp sharp befor dem go shock us again.I wanted to yab u for not reporting this news early enuf but since u have posted it, I will coment my reserve lol. Big up bro


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