Yes guys, it’s the GLO FREE TEXT GALLON.

glo free text message code

I have come today with another interesting update that am sure you will love, Glo Free SMS code. Yes! now you can send unlimited free text messages from your glo line to another glo line, isn’t it fun?

First, i would love to apologize for the delay in free browsing cheats, i will update you guys later today or tomorrow and as a repayment for that am giving a free text code i just discovered yesterday.

A good friend of mine called me up yesterday informing me of this code and since then its been wonderful for me, i now charge my phone every two hours lol.

How Do I Send Free SMS Message On My Glo SIM

Its simple, no matter what package you are on the glo network, just dial *100*5# and send then confirm by pressing 1, you will be moved to the GLO CLASSIC PLAN and that’s it!

Enjoy free texting gallon, now am texting for free as if am pinging for free lol!

Enjoy while stock last.

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