Gone are the days when we had to pay high rates for data on blackberry 10 phones. I recall when blackberry Z10 was newly released and was the talk of the town, data cost was around N3000 monthly.

As at then, bb10 phones pay higher subscriptions than lower blackberry phones. Thank God for now, it’s a different story. Although, i don’t think it’s same story for other networks other than glo. However, i stand to be corrected.

Cheapest Data Subscription For Blackberry 10 Phones

The cheapest data subscription for Blackberry 10 phones lately is glo bis. Glo bis gives you 3GB of data for N1000. So far so good, i haven’t come across a cheaper one. Although i intend trying mtn 1000 bis plan to see if it works on Q5, Q10, Z10 and when my facts are straight, i will update it via this same blog.
glo bis cheapest data subscription for android

How To Subscribe To GLO BIS On BlackBerry 10

==> Using a blackberry phone, send ‘comonth‘ to 777 and 1000 will be deducted.

==> You should get a confirmation message welcoming you to glo bis monthly plan.

==> Validity period is one month. However, you can subscribe anytime if you exhaust your data before the one month validity period. You can even choose to subscribe twice at a go for 2000 which will give you 6GB of data.

The most interesting part is that, you can use this subscription on Laptop computer, android, ipad or any other device that has got wireless. You can read this post to get more information on that.

In subsequent posts, i will be posting more information and tutorials related to blackberry 10 phones and data usage in Nigeria.

Update: GLO BIS is no longer valid! Globacom Nigeria has discontinued it’s blackberry plan. Reason for this is that, not everyone utilizes this anymore.

In this current age, the Blackberry Operating system is close to complete extinction. Although there are still ways you can use apps like WhatsApp on the BB10 platform, WhatsApp has officially discontinued it’s support for Blackberry including the BB10 Os.

If at this point, you are still looking at this content, you should consider checking out the best glo data plans for 2018 instead. At this point, you should also consider upgrading your phone.

Android phones like infinix and tecno are not expensive to get. These are the list of infinix phones I’d recommend you check out. If your budget is less than $100 USD (N30,000), these are the best 45 USD (15,000) phones you can get in the market right now.


  1. Hi Mr. Sam, please how can I subscribe twice on bb10 to get the 6gig data instead of the usual 3gig and how much does it cost now?

  2. Glo bis is now 1400 for 3gig and airtel has 1000 for 3 gig. Some people said that the airtel 3ig doesn’t last and is 1.5 and not 3 gig that airtel is tricking us. Is it true?


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