It is the second day of the Jumia mobile week and it’s the day set aside for selling infinix phones at awesome discount prices. Yesterday the 1st of June, 2015, we shared with you some discount codes to use in getting the innjoo fire and the innjoo one phone. The vouchers we shared yesterday, gives you 50% off the normal price.

Here today, we’d like to share with you the vouchers with which you can use in getting the infinix hot note and the infinix hot phone as those are the basic phones up on sale as tagged Flash sales by Jumia. These vouchers will give you 50% off the initial price. However, please be aware that the vouchers work for the fastest fingers and they have got limited stock.

Infinix phones on Jumia Mobile week day 2

The Flash share will be up by 3PM (like 35 mins from now). Hence, if you arrived on this post before 3PM, you are on the right track. Just be sure to go through the link we will be giving you below when it’s exactly 3PM and if you are fast enough, you will get the infinix hot and the infinix hot note phones for 50% off the normal prices.

Here Are The Jumia Mobile Week Voucher Coupon Codes For 50% Discount On Infinix Phones

Use ‘INF103‘ for Infinix HOT
Use ‘NOTE103‘ for Infinix HOT NOTE.

How The Voucher / Coupon Codes Works?

Visit the Infinix Mobile Phone Flash Sales Page Here, Click on the infinix phone you would like to get. When about checking out, apply the above coupon codes and you’d get a 50% off discount. However, as earlier stated,its set for 3PM today been 2nd of June 2015 and you have to be superfast for it to work as they are going to be lots of people online trying to dive into this huge discount.

Tomorrow the 3rd of June, 2015 is the Jumia mobile week sales of Tecno Phones. If you are looking at getting Tecno mobile phones at cool discount rates, tomorrow is the deal day and we will try to give you the coupon codes and time as soon as we get the information.


  1. At 6PM. please use the coupon codes below:

    INF104 for the Infinix Hot Phone and NOTE104 for the infinix Hot Note.

    Happy Shopping!


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